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About Me[edit]

My name is Muhammad Mohkum Bin Shabbir (Mohkum Arabic محكم meaning "In which there is no doubt",clear,strong,invincible).I have been contributing to both Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons since late October 2009 .You can call me "Mohkum 9:14".I am a Muslim and I currently reside in Karachi,Pakistan.


I am interested in Military History of the World,from Sargon of Akkad to Erwin Rommel.For me the most fascinating conquest are those of Alexander III of Macedon,Hannibal,Arab Blitz(632-732 A.D)from a humble start at Badr to a complex defeat at Tours and the Mongol wave from the beginning at Gupta to a grinding halt at Ayn Jalut.The field in which you can consider me an expert (well sort of)is the Arab Blitz.As I am interested in Military history so I am good at sketching maps and also providing the various details of terrain via photographs or videos. With change in warfare especially after 9/11 the Low Intensity Conflict have dominated proceedings so I am also willing to add to this dimension of Warfare.

Current/Future Projects [edit]

1 Battle of Jalula see sand box at the bottom of this page

2 Battle of Nihawand

3 Battle of Heliopolis (Graphical representation of Tactical Maneuvers only)

4 Battle of Uhud in Warfare see article Battle of Uhud

5 Zarrar Bin Al-Azwar

6 Qaqa Bin Amr

My Top 11[edit]

From all the study of Military History I have done,according to my personal opinion these eleven in numerical order are the greatest Generals ever.

1 Khalid ibn al-Walid

2 Subutai

3 Alexander III of Macedon

4 Genghis Khan

5 Erwin Rommel

6 Hannibal

7 Timur

8 Heinz Guderian

9 Saladin

10 Napoleon I of France

11 George S.Patton


About Me[edit]

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