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Albert Mason Stevens ...

Early Life[edit]

Albert Mason Stevens was born in Prome, Burma, 22 Jul 1884 His parent were both missionaries, the Rev. Edward Oliver Stevens and his wife Harriet Calista Mason Stevens

One of his grandfathers was the Rev. Francis Mason, a missionary, linguist and naturalist working in Burma for the American Baptist church. One older brother was an artist and writer, William Oliver Stevens. [1]


He moved from Burma to Maine in 1894 to attend primary school in the United States. He then attended Yale University from 1902-1905. Albert was a Rhodes Scholar from 1905-1908 at Oxford University, Baliol College, Oxford, England[2]. He researched his thesis on the origin of nursery rhymes, The Nursery Rhyme: Remnant of Popular Protest. His thesis was published posthumously by his widow in 1968.

Received his M.D. from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons after returning from his time at Oxford. He was married and in 1916 he celebrated the birth of his first child, Monica Stevens.

Life as a Surgeon in the Wars[edit]

In the first World War he was a Surgeon. On July 12, 1918[3] he was captured by Germans and held as a POW until the end of the war.

After the end of the war he returned to Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons to work as a physician.

In 1922 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome was identified by Stevens and his senior colleague.

1930 he was divorced from his first wife Katherine Stebbins. In 1932 he moved to Kauai, Hawaii and married Barry Fox. Many years later she took the full name of Barry Stevens and became a therapist. 1935 he celebrated the birth of his second child, John Oliver Stevens, now Steve Andreas

Lived in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu and taught at Punahou School

On December 7, 1941 he was on call as a first aid assistant and responded to the bombing at Pearl Harbor. [4]He was turned away due to lacking a physician's license.

He died August 9, 1945 in Hawaii.


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