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I have been editing Wikipedia sporadically since August 2006. My aim is to help facilitate access to knowledge.

One of my interests is learning foreign languages. Most entries in the English language edition of Wikipedia do not have sister articles in foreign language Wikipedias hence I seek to close this knowledge gap by translating English Wikipedia into different languages. Furthermore, there are articles in foreign language Wikipedias that do not have an English language equivalent. As far as knowledge dissemination is concerned, simply by identifying category gaps I can make it easier to find pages that already exist but could be easier to access. For example, a biography of a notable South African with a surname of French Huguenot origin that is not categorised under "Category:South Africans of Huguenot descent" would hence be sorted as such.

I can do basic editing and tables but I am nowhere near experienced as some of the stalwart editors of this site.

List of Pages created[edit]