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Have another profile under User:Russian F. This profile is solely devoted to the study of the history if the Mongol Empire. If anyone knows of a portal about this subject, please inform me.oop

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People of the Mongol Empire:[edit]

  • Genghis Khan - No explanation needed.
  • Jebe - (nickname meaning "the Arrow"), was one of the four "dogs of war". After surrendering to Temujin, Jebe made several accomplishments, including destroying Kuchlug's Kara-Khitai and defeating the Kievan Rus' in several battles, expanding the Mongol Empire considerably.
  • Subutai - He was one of the four "dogs of war". One of the most prominent generals from the others, a brilliant strategist and good friend of Genghis Khan and his sons, he accompanied Jebe in his battles against Kara-Khitai and the Kievan Rus' and in the conquest of eastern and central Europe after Genghis Khan with his grandson Batu Khan.
  • Muqali - Joined before the defeat of Jamuqa. One of the four "talented men" of Genghis Khan. Made the general of left-wing tumen. During Genghis Khan's conquest of Khwarezmid Empire, Muqali was the supreme commander of all Mongol forces in Jin China.
  • Borchu - One of the four "talented men" of Genghis Khan, Borchu joined as one of the earliest generals of Genghis Khan. He was made the general of right-wing tumen and was revered as a tough commander with great leadership skills.
  • Borokhul - One of the four "talented men" of Genghis Khan, Borokhul defected from Jamuqa.
  • Chilaun - One of the four "talented men" of Genghis Khan, Chilaun's family helped Temujin when he was captured by the Tai'chuids.
  • Qubilai - He was one of the four "dogs of war".
  • Jelme - Another early general of Genghis Khan. He was one of the four "dogs of war" and was the commander of the personal guard of Genghis Khan.
  • Baidar - Led the first mongol raid against Poland (1241) alongside with Kaidu.
  • Guo Kan - Although not a mongolian, he was greatly admired by Mongke and Hulagu Khan for his military thinkings, he played a key role in the taking of baghdad and the destruction of the hassassin sect.
  • Kaidu - Led the first mongol raid against Poland alongside with Baidar.
  • Kadan - Led the mongol raid against Transylvania (1241).
  • Qitbuqa - One of the Hulagu's principal generals. Killed in the Battle of Ain Jalut.
  • Nogai Khan - Led the second mongol raid against Poland in 1259, the Golden Horde's armies in the war against Ilkhanate in the mid-1260s and the second mongol invasion against Hungary in 1284.



Asia in 1200

Mongol Empire map.gif
The expansion of the Mongol Empire.

Mongol Empireaccuratefinal.png
The Mongol Empire's approximate largest extent coloured in blue.

Asia in 1295.

The orange line shows the extent of the Mongol Empire in the late 13th century. The red areas are the places dominated by ethnic Mongols.


Painting of a Mongol Horse Archer.