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Monkeytheboy is a wikipedia user that started editing wikipedia in the summer of 2007. As of recently he has not had chance to create a article worthy of becoming featured. However, he plans to dedicate time for that in the future.

Wikipedia Interests[edit]

His interests at the moment include integrating trivia sections into articles as requested by wikipedia policies, and fixing minor errors in existing articles. He is also interested in translating articles from other languages, (French and Spanish) into the English wikipedia. He can be found out and about in the newpages section looking for questionable articles that have no place in Wikipedia, or that have the Wikipedia potential, yet lack certain items that may place them short of worthy articles.

He however, has learned from experience and also from interaction with other users that he must be patient and wait for users to complete articles; even though this may be hard for him, he considers it doable since it is all for the greater good of the wikipedia community.

Background (Special note for possible biases)[edit]


User Monkeytheboy was born in Mexico in a small town called Huajuapan de Leon. He has no recollection of his first year there. However, due to this background, monkeytheboy sympathizes with the latin immigrants that move to the United States. Being a first generation immigrant, he retains much of the culture that makes him a Mexican-American, culture which affects his diet, behavior, and a mildly conservative way of thought. This however, has not hindered his attitude towards open-mindness.

Social Status[edit]

Having grown up in the United States in the city of Chicago, monkeytheboy has been more privileged than most people who do not have the opportunity to live in a country that is not subject to many of the problems third world countries are subject to. However, he did grow up in an underprivileged family, one that is composed of seven people including himself. Due to this fact monkeytheboy does not endorse ideas that have to do with providing more than what is necessary to people when the cost to others will create an unnecessary void. Monkeytheboy also has idealogical ideas and supports people that agree with them. These ideas include relative liberty and justice for all.

Pages Created Til Now[edit]