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Born1995 (age 24)
OccupationWriter, artist, Wikipedian
Years activeWriting: since 2006
Wiki: since 2007
Art: 2007–2014, 2018–


I'm Montgomery15, a human living in a seaside town in England.

I made my first edit using this account in March 2013, but I've been contributing in some form or another since 31 December 2007.

My interests[edit]

I've created - off the top of my head - something like 110 articles on snooker players and tournaments; before I started doing that, I was what the avid patrons of our great project might call a 'gnome' - I made a lot of small edits, but never anything major. I'd focus on the career statistics of footballers in England and Scotland (not out of a particular fascination, borne more of a love for both the game and the art of record-keeping). So if I saw something that hadn't been changed in a few years, I'd make it my task to find whatever path that person had taken since, and update the article accordingly. Like a great many Wikipedians, I suppose, working in the background, keeping the machine ticking over...

That, as I said, was before I found my niche, if we can call it that, in creating snooker articles. Snooker in 2014 was a sparsely-covered topic, something I sought to change for the better, and I like to think I've gone some way towards doing that. The fantastic thing about Wikipedia is that it's a never-ending project, and every edit you make is akin only to painting the Forth Bridge; it rolls on with time and we roll with it.

What I'm doing at the moment[edit]

As I write this in September 2019, I've put the snooker articles and heavy editing on the back-burner for a while, and returned to the way I began my journey here: updating the career stats of current and former professional footballers. It's not that I've any less time to dedicate to Wikipedia, just that life's twists and turns, such as they are, take my curiosity in different directions at the moment. I go wherever life takes me next, but always come back before too long.

For now, I'm content to fade back into the anonymity of the Wikipedian crowd and blend somewhat into the background, savouring the last rays of the summer sun and the first refreshing chill of the crisp autumnal breeze...

Other stuff that doesn't really have a title[edit]

'Our greatest glory lies not in never having fallen - but in rising when we fall.'

'I was grieving, the way the earth seemed to grieve for spring in the dead of winter; but I was not afraid -
for nothing, I told myself, can take our halcyon days away.'

I was last here in (October 2019)