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"There is no human problem that could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise."

-Gore Vidal

Montréalais is a Quebec translator and activist, and a contributor to Wikipedia.


Montréalais was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and grew up in Winnipeg. He works as a translator in Montreal, Quebec.

A public transit enthusiast, he has a website on the Montreal metro.

His other interests include languages, art, and politics.

Work on Wikipedia[edit]

I, Dbraceyrules, am giving you this photo barnstar in response to your contributions and efforts to Wikipedia.
I, blankfaze, hereby award you this Working Man's Barnstar, as reward for your wonderful metro maps, your fantastic Canadian federal elections map, and your astounding 11,457 contributions.

Montréalais has an Are You A Wikipediholic score of 77.

Recent articles I started:

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