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Datos Categoricos[edit]

Additive smoothing
Andres and Marzo's delta
Bangdiwala's B
Barnard's test
Bennett, Alpert, and Goldstein’s S
Categorical distribution
Categorical variable
Chi-squared test
Cochran–Armitage test for trend
Cochran–Mantel–Haenszel statistics
Cohen's kappa
Contingency table
Cramér's V
Cross tabulation
Fisher's exact test
Fleiss' kappa
Goodman and Kruskal's gamma
Good–Turing frequency estimation
Goodman and Kruskal's lambda
Goodness of fit
Iterative proportional fitting
Latent class model
List of analyses of categorical data
Log-linear analysis
Logistic regression
Logit analysis in marketing
McNemar's test
Multinomial test
Nominal category
Ordered logit
Ordered probit
Ordinal regression
Pareto chart
Pearson's chi-squared test
Phi coefficient
Poisson regression
Polychoric correlation
Positive and negative predictive values
Probabilistic latent semantic analysis
Qualitative variation
Ridit scoring
Yates's correction for continuity
Zero-inflated model
Level of measurement
Independence (probability theory)
Dependent and independent variables
Binomial distribution
Multinomial distribution
Chi-squared distribution
Degrees of freedom (statistics)
Likelihood-ratio test
Statistical significance
Expected value