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I've been a registered user at Wikipedia since July 2004.



Most of my edits are in music. I have written and contributed to many articles on bands, albums and songs.

I overhauled the Wikipedia Songs project when it was abandoned by its creators.

I also watch Category:Songs for incorrectly categorised articles. I have built a system of subcategories for this category and moved hundreds of articles to them. There are a few problem articles that cannot be correctly categorised yet, (usually) because of a lack of information.


Photographs taken by me: User:Moochocoogle/Photographs

Other interests[edit]

Here are some of my other interests. I occasionally make edits in these areas:

Other languages[edit]

I speak some French and Russian and hope to learn Welsh so I have registered at those Wikipedias. In time I hope to be an active contributer to these versions.