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Morfusmax's user page.

For what it's worth, I consider myself an Inclusionist...or, at least, an anti-Deletionist. Wikipedia's own treatment of an encyclopedia describes it as a "body of knowledge;" knowledge is meant to be accumulated, not subtracted from.

I think the question of notability is difficult for any given person to determine and rule on, and is meant as a guideline for someone trying to deal with a subject about which he knows nothing. The extent of knowledge that people are able to contribute to Wikipedia must exceed the capacity of any one volunteer to comprehend; therefore, to be effective one must be prepared to act upon an article in a new, unfamiliar area. The editor therefore needs some indication that, even if he personally hasn't heard of something, at least someone else recognizable has.

But there have been instances where "notability" has been interpreted as an editor not finding an article personally important to himself, and other people failing to provide sufficient justification to persuade him otherwise. Since the population of the world is large enough that segments of it must invariably have interests that don't involve a given person, a given person is a poor judge of what constitutes "notability".

If someone knows it, it's knowledge.

If someone's looking for a given piece of knowledge, it should be there.

In some cases, even if it's wrong it should be there. Because if "everyone knows it", that's possibly worth knowing.