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Plain name Specific name
Dacre Dacre, Cumbria
as above Dacre, North Yorkshire
Daglingworth Daglingworth, Gloucestershire
Dalbury Lees Dalbury Lees, Derbyshire
Dalby Dalby, Lincolnshire
Dalby-cum-Skewsby Dalby-cum-Skewsby, North Yorkshire
Dale Dale, Pembrokeshire
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey, Derbyshire
Dalham Dalham, Suffolk
Dallinghoo Dallinghoo, Suffolk
Dallington Dallington, East Sussex
Dalston Dalston, Cumbria
Dalton Dalton, South Yorkshire
as above Dalton, Lancashire
as above Dalton, North Yorkshire
as above Dalton, North Yorkshire
Dalton Holme Dalton Holme, East Riding of Yorkshire
Dalton-le-Dale Dalton-le-Dale, County Durham
Dalton-on-Tees Dalton-on-Tees, North Yorkshire
Dalton Piercy Dalton Piercy, County Durham
Dalton Town with Newton Dalton Town with Newton, Cumbria
Dalwood Dalwood, Devon
Damerham Damerham, Hampshire
Danbury Danbury, Essex
Danby Danby, North Yorkshire
Danby Wiske with Lazenby Danby Wiske with Lazenby, North Yorkshire
Danehill Danehill, East Sussex
Darenth Darenth, Kent
Daresbury Daresbury, Cheshire
Darley Dale Darley Dale, Derbyshire
Darlton Darlton, Nottinghamshire
Darncombe-cum-Langdale End Darncombe-cum-Langdale End, North Yorkshire
Darnhall Darnhall, Cheshire
Darran Valley Darran Valley, Caerphilly
Darrington Darrington, West Yorkshire
Darsham Darsham, Suffolk
Dartington Dartington, Devon
Dartmoor Forest Dartmoor Forest, Devon
Dartmouth Dartmouth, Devon
Datchet Datchet, Berkshire
Datchworth Datchworth, Hertfordshire
Dauntsey Dauntsey, Wiltshire
Davenham Davenham, Cheshire
Daventry Daventry, Northamptonshire
Davidstow Davidstow, Cornwall
Dawley Hamlets Dawley Hamlets, Shropshire
Dawlish Dawlish, Devon
Deal Deal, Kent
Dean Dean, Cumbria
Dean and Shelton Dean and Shelton, Bedfordshire
Deane Deane, Hampshire
Dean Prior Dean Prior, Devon
Deanshanger Deanshanger, Northamptonshire
Dearham Dearham, Cumbria
Debach Debach, Suffolk
Debden Debden, Essex
Debenham Debenham, Suffolk
Deddington Deddington, Oxfordshire
Dedham Dedham, Essex
Deene Deene, Northamptonshire
Deenethorpe Deenethorpe, Northamptonshire
Deeping Gate Deeping Gate, Cambridgeshire
Deeping St James Deeping St James, Lincolnshire
Deeping St Nicholas Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire
Deerhurst Deerhurst, Gloucestershire
Defford Defford, Worcestershire
Deighton Deighton, North Yorkshire
as above Deighton, North Yorkshire
Delamere Delamere, Cheshire
Denaby Denaby, South Yorkshire
Denbigh Denbigh, Denbighshire
Denbury and Torbryan Denbury and Torbryan, Devon
Denby Denby, Derbyshire
Denby Dale Denby Dale, West Yorkshire
Denchworth Denchworth, Oxfordshire
Dene Valley Dene Valley, County Durham
Denford Denford, Northamptonshire
Dengie Dengie, Essex
Denham Denham, Buckinghamshire
as above Denham, Suffolk
as above Denham, Suffolk
Denholme Denholme, West Yorkshire
Denmead Denmead, Hampshire
Dennington Dennington, Suffolk
Denny Lodge Denny Lodge, Hampshire
Denston Denston, Suffolk
Denstone Denstone, Staffordshire
Dent Dent, Cumbria
Denton Denton, County Durham
as above Denton, Lincolnshire
as above Denton, Norfolk
as above Denton, Northamptonshire
as above Denton, North Yorkshire
Denton and Caldecote Denton and Caldecote, Cambridgeshire
Denton with Wootton Denton with Wootton, Kent
Denver Denver, Norfolk
Denwick Denwick, Northumberland
Deopham Deopham, Norfolk
Depden Depden, Suffolk
Dereham Dereham, Norfolk
Dersingham Dersingham, Norfolk
Derwen Derwen, Denbighshire
Derwent Derwent, Derbyshire
Desborough Desborough, Northamptonshire
Desford Desford, Leicestershire
Dethick Dethick, Lea and Holloway, Derbyshire
Detling Detling, Kent
Deuxhill Deuxhill, Shropshire
Devauden Devauden, Monmouthshire
Deviock Deviock, Cornwall
Devizes Devizes, Wiltshire
Dewlish Dewlish, Dorset
Dewsall Dewsall, Herefordshire
Dickleburgh and Rushall Dickleburgh and Rushall, Norfolk
Didcot Didcot, Oxfordshire
Diddington Diddington, Cambridgeshire
Diddlebury Diddlebury, Shropshire
Didlington Didlington, Norfolk
Didmarton Didmarton, Gloucestershire
Digby Digby, Lincolnshire
Dilham Dilham, Norfolk
Dilhorne Dilhorne, Staffordshire
Dilton Marsh Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Dilwyn Dilwyn, Herefordshire
Dinas Cross Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire
Dinas Powys Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan
Dinckley Dinckley, Lancashire
Dinedor Dinedor, Herefordshire
Dingley Dingley, Northamptonshire
Dinmore Dinmore, Herefordshire
Dinnington Dinnington, Tyne and Wear
as above Dinnington, Somerset
Dinnington St. John's Dinnington St. John's, South Yorkshire
Dinton Dinton, Wiltshire
Dinton-with-Ford and Upton Dinton-with-Ford and Upton, Buckinghamshire
Diptford Diptford, Devon
Dishforth Dishforth, North Yorkshire
Disley Disley, Cheshire
Diss Diss, Norfolk
Disserth and Trecoed Disserth and Trecoed, Powys
Distington Distington, Cumbria
Ditcheat Ditcheat, Somerset
Ditchingham Ditchingham, Norfolk
Ditchling Ditchling, East Sussex
Dittisham Dittisham, Devon
Ditton Ditton, Kent
Ditton Priors Ditton Priors, Shropshire
Dobwalls and Trewidland Dobwalls and Trewidland, Cornwall
Dockenfield Dockenfield, Surrey
Docker Docker, Cumbria
Docking Docking, Norfolk
Docklow and Hampton Wafer Docklow and Hampton Wafer, Herefordshire
Dodcott cum Wilkesley Dodcott cum Wilkesley, Cheshire
Doddenham Doddenham, Worcestershire
Dodderhill Dodderhill, Worcestershire
Doddinghurst Doddinghurst, Essex
Doddington Doddington, Cambridgeshire
as above Doddington, Cheshire
as above Doddington, Kent
as above Doddington, Northumberland
Doddington and Whisby Doddington and Whisby, Lincolnshire
Doddiscombsleigh Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
Dodford Dodford, Northamptonshire
Dodford with Grafton Dodford with Grafton, Worcestershire
Dodington Dodington, Gloucestershire
Dodleston Dodleston, Cheshire
Dogdyke Dogdyke, Lincolnshire
Dogmersfield Dogmersfield, Hampshire
Dolbenmaen Dolbenmaen, Gwynedd
Dolgarrog Dolgarrog, Conwy
Dolgellau Dolgellau, Gwynedd
Dolton Dolton, Devon
Dolwyddelan Dolwyddelan, Conwy
Donhead St. Andrew Donhead St. Andrew, Wiltshire
Donhead St. Mary Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire
Donington Donington, Lincolnshire
as above Donington, Shropshire
Donington on Bain Donington on Bain, Lincolnshire
Donnington Donnington, Herefordshire
as above Donnington, Gloucestershire
as above Donnington, West Sussex
Donyatt Donyatt, Somerset
Dorchester Dorchester, Dorset
as above Dorchester, Oxfordshire
Dordon Dordon, Warwickshire
Dormansland Dormansland, Surrey
Dormington Dormington, Herefordshire
Dormston Dormston, Worcestershire
Dorney Dorney, Buckinghamshire
Dorrington Dorrington, Lincolnshire
Dorsington Dorsington, Warwickshire
Dorstone Dorstone, Herefordshire
Dorton Dorton, Buckinghamshire
Doulting Doulting, Somerset
Dover Dover, Kent
Doverdale Doverdale, Worcestershire
Doveridge Doveridge, Derbyshire
Dowdeswell Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire
Dowlais Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil
Dowland Dowland, Devon
Dowlish Wake Dowlish Wake, Somerset
Down Ampney Down Ampney, Gloucestershire
Downend and Bromley Heath Downend and Bromley Heath, Gloucestershire
Downham Downham, Cambridgeshire
as above Downham, Lancashire
Downham Market Downham Market, Norfolk
Downham West Downham West, Norfolk
Down Hatherley Down Hatherley, Gloucestershire
Downhead Downhead, Somerset
Downholland Downholland, Lancashire
Downholme Downholme, North Yorkshire
Downley Downley, Buckinghamshire
Down St. Mary Down St. Mary, Devon
Downswood Downswood, Kent
Downton Downton, Herefordshire
as above Downton, Wiltshire
Dowsby Dowsby, Lincolnshire
Doynton Doynton, Gloucestershire
Drakelow Drakelow, Derbyshire
Drakes Broughton and Wadborough Drakes Broughton and Wadborough, Worcestershire
Draughton Draughton, Northamptonshire
as above Draughton, North Yorkshire
Drax Drax, North Yorkshire
Draycott and Church Wilne Draycott and Church Wilne, Derbyshire
Draycott in the Clay Draycott in the Clay, Staffordshire
Draycott in the Moors Draycott in the Moors, Staffordshire
Drayton Drayton, Leicestershire
as above Drayton, Norfolk
as above Drayton, Oxfordshire
as above Drayton, Oxfordshire
as above Drayton, Somerset
Drayton Bassett Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire
Drayton Beauchamp Drayton Beauchamp, Buckinghamshire
Drayton Parslow Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire
Drayton St. Leonard Drayton St. Leonard, Oxfordshire
Drewsteignton Drewsteignton, Devon
Driffield Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire
as above Driffield, Gloucestershire
Drigg and Carleton Drigg and Carleton, Cumbria
Drighlington Drighlington, West Yorkshire
Drinkstone Drinkstone, Suffolk
Droitwich Spa Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire
Dronfield Dronfield, Derbyshire
Droxford Droxford, Hampshire
Drybrook Drybrook, Gloucestershire
Dry Drayton Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
Duckington Duckington, Cheshire
Ducklington Ducklington, Oxfordshire
Duddington-with-Fineshade Duddington-with-Fineshade, Northamptonshire
Duddo Duddo, Northumberland
Duddon Duddon, Cheshire
Duffield Duffield, Derbyshire
Dufton Dufton, Cumbria
Duhonw Duhonw, Powys
Dulas Dulas, Herefordshire
Dullingham Dullingham, Cambridgeshire
Duloe Duloe, Cornwall
Dulverton Dulverton, Somerset
Dumbleton Dumbleton, Gloucestershire
Dummer Dummer, Hampshire
Dunchideock Dunchideock, Devon
Dunchurch Dunchurch, Warwickshire
Duncton Duncton, West Sussex
Dundraw Dundraw, Cumbria
Dundry Dundry, Somerset
Dunford Dunford, South Yorkshire
Dunham Massey Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester
Dunham-on-the-Hill Dunham-on-the-Hill, Cheshire
Dunham-on-Trent Dunham-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire
Dunholme Dunholme, Lincolnshire
Dunkerton Dunkerton, Somerset
Dunkeswell Dunkeswell, Devon
Dunkirk Dunkirk, Kent
Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite, Cumbria
Dunnington Dunnington, North Yorkshire
Dunnockshaw Dunnockshaw, Lancashire
Dunsby Dunsby, Lincolnshire
Dunsfold Dunsfold, Surrey
Dunsford Dunsford, Devon
Dunsforths Dunsforths, North Yorkshire
Dunstable Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Dunstall Dunstall, Staffordshire
Dunster Dunster, Somerset
Duns Tew Duns Tew, Oxfordshire
Dunston Dunston, Lincolnshire
as above Dunston, Staffordshire
Dunterton Dunterton, Devon
Duntisbourne Abbots Duntisbourne Abbots, Gloucestershire
Duntisbourne Rouse Duntisbourne Rouse, Gloucestershire
Dunton Dunton, Bedfordshire
as above Dunton, Buckinghamshire
as above Dunton, Norfolk
Dunton Bassett Dunton Bassett, Leicestershire
Dunton Green Dunton Green, Kent
Dunvant Dunvant, Swansea
Dunwich Dunwich, Suffolk
Durleigh Durleigh, Somerset
Durley Durley, Hampshire
Durnford Durnford, Wiltshire
Durrington Durrington, Wiltshire
Dursley Dursley, Gloucestershire
Durston Durston, Somerset
Durweston Durweston, Dorset
Duston Duston, Northamptonshire
Dutton Dutton, Cheshire
as above Dutton, Lancashire
Duxford Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Dwyriw Dwyriw, Powys
Dyffryn Ardudwy Dyffryn Ardudwy, Gwynedd
Dyffryn Arth Dyffryn Arth, Ceredigion
Dyffryn Clydach Dyffryn Clydach, Neath Port Talbot
Dymchurch Dymchurch, Kent
Dymock Dymock, Gloucestershire
Dyrham and Hinton Dyrham and Hinton, Gloucestershire
Dyserth Dyserth, Denbighshire