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United Socialist States of Animal Farm
Flag of Animal Farm
Motto: "Four Legs Good! Two Legs Bad!"
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (orthographic projection).svg
Capital Farm House
Largest Barn House
Official languages English, Pussian
Ethnic groups Pigs, Dogs, Horses, Mise, Sheep, Cows, Donkeys, Chickens, Doves, Crows, Cats
Religion State Atheism
Demonym Animalist, Animal Farm Comrade, Comrade
Government Totalitarian soviet republic
• Glorious President
Comrade Napoleon
• Speaker of the Leader
Comrade Squealer
Independence from Manor Farm
• Revolution against Mr. Jones
1.1.1 AR
• Battle of the Cowshed
6.1.1 AR
• Battle of the Windmill
3.4.8 AR
Currency Animalist Ruble (£) (ANR)
Time zone GMT
Date format dd-mm-yy
Drives on the .right
Internet TLD .af

Animal Farm (Pussian: Диiмаl Fдям), officialy known as the United Socialist States of Animal Farm (Pussian: Uитэd Sфcialisт Sтaтэs фf Диiмаl Fдям), is a state, on earth. Yes.

Animal Farm is a single party state, ruled by the Animalist Party, from it's foundation in 1 AR (about 1922). The USSAF (Animal Farm) has a centerized government and economy, that are located mostly in the Farm House.

The time mesurment in the Animal Farm is mesured from Before Revolution (BR) and After Revolution (AR).

The Animalist Revolution of 1 AR caused the downfall of the Human dictatorship, lead by Mr. Jones. Original minder, and leader of the revolution in 0 RBR, was Comrade Old Major, that suffered under the human dictatorship all of his life.

After the death of Old Major, in 0 RBR, two leaders took power, by the name of Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon and Snowball, both, fought in the Animalist Revolution, on 1 AR, were concidered equal in the eyes of the Animals on the farm. Napoleon and Snowball based the pricipals of Animalism (see below), and wroted on the barn house. They tried to make life better.

About 6 days later, the armies of Foxwood, lead by Pilkington, and the armies of Mr. Jones, ran to the Animal Farm, and tried to attack it. Snowball, was shot, two sheep were killed, and a human was captivated. After this war, the animals re-granted their independence.

In 7 AR, Comrade Snowball suggested to build a windmill. The higher executives pigs, refused, and banned him from Animal Farm. Misteriously, he was assasinated by Dogs. Then, the glorious president, Comrade Napoleon, decided to go on with the decision of building a windmill.

In 8 AR, the armies of Pinchfield, lead by the dictator Friedrick (aka Friedrich Sitler), to attack Animal Farm. Friedrich broke the non-agression pact between Animal Farm and Pinchfield, and destroyed the windmill. Animal Farm joined up with Foxwood Farm, attacked Punchfield, and conquered it.

Now, Animal Farm, is a bitter enemy of Foxwood Farm, although not officialy declared as such. But, the son of mr. Pilkington, Josh Pilkington, several times declared that "Animal Farm is the empire of Evil".


With an area of 22,402,200 square kilometres (8,649,500 sq mi), the Animal Farm is the world's largest state. Covering a sixth of the Earth's land surface, its size was comparable to that of North America. The European portion accounted for a quarter of the country's area, and was the cultural and economic center. The eastern part in Asia extended to the Pacific Ocean to the east and Afghanistan to the south, and was much less populous. It spanned over 10,000 kilometres (6,200 mi) east to west across 11 time zones, and almost 7,200 kilometres (4,500 mi) north to south. It had five climate zones: tundra, taiga, steppes, desert, and mountains.

The Animal Farm has the world's longest border, measuring over 60,000 kilometres (37,000 mi), two-thirds of it a coastline of the Arctic Ocean. Across the Bering Strait is the United States. The Animal Farm borders Afghanistan, China, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Hungary, Iran, Mongolia, North Korea, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Turkey.


The last ruling human, Mr. Jones, ruled the farm until the rebellion of 1 AR, due to his lowsy treatment of the animals. The humans were overthrown from power by the Animalist Revolution, inspired by Old Major, and lead by Comrade Napoleon and Comrade Snowball.

Animal Farm was oficially established after the revolution, and was re-named from "Manor Farm" to "Animal Farm", setting the Green flag. Within the Anima Farm there is the Animalist Republic of Pinchfield, and the Animalist Republic of Animal Farm. Each of the republics is ruled by their own Animalist parties. Napoleon controls all of the Animal Farm, and the Animalist Republic of Animal Farm, and Comrade Maximus, controls the Animalist Republic of Pinchfield.


There are three power hierarchies in the Animal Farm: the legislative branch represented by the Supreme Animalist of the Animal Farm, the government represented by the Council of Pigs, and the Animalist Party of Animal Farm (APAF), the only legal party and the ultimate policymaker in the country.

Animalist Party[edit]

At the top of the Animalist Party was the Central Committee, elected at Party Congresses and Conferences. The Central Committee in turn voted for a Politburo, Secretariat and the General Secretary, the highest office in the DRAF. Depending on the degree of power consolidation, it was either the Politburo as a collective body or the General Secretary, who always was one of the Politburo members, that effectively led the party and the country (except for the period of the highly personalized authority of Napoleon, exercised directly through his position in the Council of Pigs rather than the Politburo after rise of Napoleon). They are not controlled by the general party membership, as the key principle of the party organization is democratic centralism, demanding strict subordination to higher bodies, and elections went uncontested, endorsing the candidates proposed from above.

The Animalist Party maintains its dominance over the state largely through its control over the system of appointments. All senior government officials and most deputies of the Supreme Animalist were members of the APAF. Of the party heads themselves, Snowball in 1 AR-7 AR and Napoleon in 7 AR–present are Premiers. Upon the forced retirement of Snowball, the party leader was prohibited from this kind of double membership, but the later General Secretaries for at least some part of their tenure occupied the largely ceremonial position of Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Animalist, the nominal head of state. The institutions at lower levels are overseen and at times supplanted by primary party organizations.

Political divisions[edit]

The Democratic Republic of Animal Farm consists of several political divisions. Those divisions are officialy called "Animalist Republics".

Animalist Republics:

  1. Animalist Republic of Animal Farm - Диiмalisт Яэpuбlic фf Диiмal Faям
  2. Animalist Republic of East Pinchfield - Диiмalisт Яэpuбlic фf Эasт Piиcнfiэld
  3. Animalist Republic of South Karelia - Диiмalisт Яэpuбlic фf Sфuтн Кaяэlia
  4. Animalist Republic of Kraplakistan - Диiмalisт Яэpuбlic фf Кяaplaкisтаи
  5. Animalist Republic of Foxwood - Диiмalisт Яэpuбlic фf Fфхшффd
  6. Animalist Republic of West Pinchfield - Диiмalisт Яэpuбlic фf Шэsт Piиcнfiэld



After the rise of the USSAF, all the animals spoke their language of Pussian. But, because of the majority of Animals that spoke English, it also became a national language, and a spoken language in the USSAF.

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