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Self-administered Q&A.

Babylon 5 questions:

  • What do you want? Money. A beautiful girlfriend who worships the ground I walk on. The usual stuff.

Other questions:

  • When did you arrive? Late 2003. I recorded it somewhere on a List of Wikipedians article. I can't be arsed looking it up because clicking on the "My contributions" to find the first one takes too long, what with wikipedia being slow at the moment and me being on a dreadful dial-up connection.
  • What do you edit? Ummm... stuff. Besides editing typos, formatting headings and external links etc... I've done a lot of work on Blackburn Rovers F.C., because it's my local football team and I spotted a book about it in the library. Even though I don't watch or play football -- figure that one out. I've also been working my way through creating articles on the episodes of The Outer Limits. I'm not a particular fan of it (although I certainly do enjoy it), but it gives me something to do. In short, I do whatever happens to catch my attention at the time, and whatever comes to hand.
  • What do you think of Wikipedia? I like it. I like the commitment to being neutral and open to all. I like how, on a large scale, it's always improving. I like how it reminds me that people will organise themselves and build something remarkable without being coerced or paid, but just because it's fulfilling to do something constructive. I like how there seems to be more of those constructive people than destructive ones who want to spoil things. I like how Wikipedia is open. Everyone has to start somewhere, and exposure to good writing and constructive criticism is valuable alongside Wikipedia's value as a free encylopaedia.

The Outer Limits[edit]

New series[edit]

Old series[edit]