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"I have been smashed again

with the men

from the Old Valhalla Road crematorium

boring men with the same old patter..."

"Then, I was wrecked again

with the men

full of bluff and ardour

from a well known Funeral Parlour..."

uh oh..."whenever nationalism becomes the chief organising principle of society, state violence is not far behind" (as read in that great newspaper).

"on wikipedia the rows still rage, with tortured facts, arguments and syntax, all mixed with vituperative insults, phoney politeness and seemingly RANDOM Use Of Capital letters. There is a whiff of pyjamas-at-noon, and of people who check wikipedia in the small hours. Time to get a life?" Oh yeah!. (ruthlessly plagiarised and adapted from here [1])

Also in wikipedia, the Devil is in the details

My current F-Score is a somewhat disappointing 3.37, "disciplined but tolerant; a true American"

(March '16 update: still "disciplined..." etc. but at 3.20; this is getting embarrassingly suave)

The best course of actions: don't be a dick while considering to drop the stick and back slowly from the horse carcass

"Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want on any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information". Michael Scott.