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My 2007 Mustang
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The Red Ring of Death.

A Movementarian is a person that has joined the Movementarian Church and resides on the Movementarian Agricultral Compound. Once completed, our spaceship will transport us to a new and wonderful planet: Blisstonia. Blisstonia is known for it's high levels of bliss. In the mean time you can move to the Movementarian Agricultral Compound and be near the Leader in service. And don't forget, stay out of the Forbidden Barn!

Feel free to leave comments or complaints on my talk page. You will be helped in the order in which your complaints are recieved.

Countries I've visited:
The Bahamas Belgium Canada England France Germany Grenada Italy Luxembourg Marshall Islands Netherlands Turkey United States Wales

Notes to self:

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Project LANDCENT - Complete
Project Baltimore Fire