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About Me ^

I joined Wikipedia in March 2007, and have been contributing minimally over the past few months. I feel its hard to "break the mold" as they say, when it comes to editing pages.

I've mainly been focusing on film articles, as I have a huge passion for the film industry. Along with these contributions - and few film article creations - I've been assisting with Actor, Author, Director, Singer and Places of Interest pages.

I'd like to be able to contribute well, and be valued among the Wikipedia community. If there's anything you think I should know, I'd like to hear! Drop me a message in my User talk.

In contributing well, my main aim is to get a few articles to the recognised GA status. If your wondering what this is (click the previous link) and for information on how to improve articles to this standard see:

I've so far made over 400 (mainspace) contributions and I hope this continues to grow. You can see the evidence of my contributions here. I guess its cheating to say I've made over 900, when a great deal of them are in my user area.

For my own personal use and convenience: my Sandbox.
I've also now joined LyricWiki, to see my user page and contributions, click here.

MovieJunkie Talk! 19:59, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

Acknowledgments ^

I have to acknowledge SlimVirgin for the template I've used. Having altered the colours and layout, I've it hugely useful in preventing endless scrolling, and in addition; it looks a whole lot better. So thanks!

Finally I have to thank ViperBlade for his tutorial on how to create and put into use, a custom signature. I'm now very pleased with what I've created: (— MovieJunkie Talk!) So thanks!

MovieJunkie Talk! 16:44, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

Articles & Contributions ^

Nuvola apps important blue.svg Attention! If anyone can help me with my user page I'd be very grateful! I'd like to reduce the amount of scrolling on this page by allowing the different sections (Article Creations, Contributions: Major etc.) in the table below to be hidden and shown when needed - something similar to the GA page on wikipedia.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help and if you post a message on my talk page that would be excellent!

MovieJunkie Talk! 20:06, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

Article Notes
Cell (Film Adaptation) I'm a huge fan of Eli Roth, and decided that I'd like to create another page, and this one was perfect. Unfortunately there's not a lot of information, but everything on the current page is all my work. As more news is released I'll start updating the article.
Ice Age 3 With announcement of the film I created the article. Since then I've added more and more, but with it not being released until 2009, the page is lacking in information. As soon as more is released I'll add it to the article.
Puss in Boots: The Story of an Ogre Killer I heard of this film and decided to create the page. It was in fact my first article creation that survived not being deleted. The films isn't due out until 2011 so until more information gets released I won't be contributing to the article - apart from rescuing it from vandalism.
Contributions: Major
Death Defying Acts This article was greatly lacking in information. I'd recently heard about it so I decided to tidy it up and add some additional information. I came to the page when it was like this. By adding a film info box, plot, cast and tidying up the production information, I managed to make it more of a substantial film article. As the film isn't released until 2008, I'll be adding more information to the page, but for now, I've left the page like this.
Don't Say a Word When I came to the article it was like this; definitely lacking in information for a film article. I haven't yet finished with updating it, but so far I've revamped the infobox and introduction, making it more informative and I've also added the complete cast and soundtrack section. In order to make it a good film article is needs a lengthy plot and production diary - this I am yet to do. For now, however, I've left it like this.
House of 9 This article was in major need of being updated and was lacking in many areas. When I fist came to the article, I was presented with this, and after a short while I had managed to add a decent introduction, a cast list and chapter view. It wasn't easy to revamp, because of the little information available on the web but I was up for the challenge. I hope to add more contributions in the future. This is how I left the article.
James Wan When I went to contribute to this page I found it in a bad way. I decided to help improve the article by adding a decent introduction, a newly written biography (which the first was lacking in references, so I made it my duty to add a good few), and a filmography which I was surprise the article didn't already have. Some of the images have been removed since, but I hope to liven it up by acquiring some images that fall under the terms of Wikipedia. I've left the article like this for now, but hope to come back to it at a later stage.
Maximum Ride This article was pretty much non-existent, containing just a few links and very brief summary. For a series article, it wasn't good enough, and seeing as I love the series I thought I'd have a go at tackling it. I haven't yet finished because there's no series plot, but I managed to revamp the article to something worth while. So far I've managed this, but in time to come, I'll be adding more.
Saw IV This has been an ongoing contribution since the page was newly created. I've added to almost every part of the article, excluding the plot, which seemed to take off when I wasn't really contributing much. With it being my one of my favourite film series, I take great care in making sure its saved from acts of vandalism, and this is a regular occurrence. The current page is still being edited and will continue to be, well past the release of the film. I'm sure I'll still be there at these stages.
Saw (Film Series) When I came to edit the page it was like this. It wasn't really that bad, but I felt I could add to a few areas to make it a good deal better. My main contribution has been the extension of the info box and addition of the records sections, as well as other moderate contributions to the page throughout. I haven't edited the article in quite sometime, and there's not much else that can be done until the release of the upcoming forth installment. Until then I'll be away from contribution to this article.
Shrek 4 Most of what you see now is due to be contributions. I've added the info box, and created the cast section. My later contributions have been to the plot and production areas. I love the series, so I imagine I'll be contributing up until its released in 2012 and far beyond. With only a small article so far there's not a lot to say, but I'm hoping more news soon will help it to grow.
Splat Pack This is a new addition to my contributions. I'm hoping to find more information to expand the article, but when I came to it, there wasn't much. I decided that more information was needed and complied a very informative table with films, directors and producers, as well as distributors. My contribution that I left was this, but I'm hoping that its not my final one. With more news, I'll expand the article in the future.
Saw (Film Series) Template Most people working around the related articles wanted a small box, and I felt that if the box was collapsible then we'd have mastered the problem. Before I updated the box, it was like this. Having checked other film boxes, for ideas, I managed to come up with this. I personally feel it's more professional, and I'm happy it's been accepted as the template for the series.
Zodiac, The When I first edited the page it was like this. Not enough time and effort had been spent so I decided, with it being one of my favourite movies, that'd I'd put some time into making it more substantial. Since editing the page I've developed the introduction, completely re-written the plot, added information about the characters, complied a production summary complete with research and development, filming and problems that occurred, and finally tried hard at adding a small section about the soundtrack (the references were hard to find). Oh, and also added the four images that are on the page today. I left the article like this, and I hope to get it to GA status soon.
Contributions: Work Needed to Improve
Saw (Film Series): List of Traps, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever and Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
Contributions: Future
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning, Maximum Ride: The Last Global Warming Warning, The Sims (Film Adaptation) and The Sims 3

Uploaded Images ^

[[:Image:Thesims2castaway-wii.jpg|thumb|centre|100px|The Sims 2: Castaway]]
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Editing Help ^

I hope to be of assistance to anyone who is new to wikipedia and is a little uncertain about editing. I've decided therefore to create a small amount of tutorials that I think will be helpful when editing an article.

My tutorials (so far):

Tutorials by other users:


Appraisals ^

Giving someone an Award for their hard work at Wikipedia is custom! I hope to be able to congratulate people in the near future for their hard work because so many people spend a great deal of time on Wikipedia; contributing to articles, enhancing those that so badly need the work, or even creating fresh articles to expand the world of encyclopedic knowledge.

Barnstars are for various types of people who assist in making Wikipedia what it is. So if you haven't yet given out a Barnstar to someone you know is 'working their butt off' (excuse the phrase) then do it now!

Remember that I like to congratulate people on their efforts, so drop me a message if you think you've deserve some appraisal!

When I contribute more over the coming months and recieve an award for my efforts, I'll put it here to encourage those to share the thanks.

Movie Junkie 19:20, 31 July 2007 (UTC)


Movie Releases ^

The list below is of movies being released between 2007 and 2010. Enjoy! It's likely that I will be contributing to some of these movies soon. This section is mainly for my benefit; in that I can quickly find information on movies I am interested in, however some of you may find it useful yourselves :).