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Hi. As well as editing English Wikipedia, I may get active on the Latvian one, with here being my user page:

Talk at Birdwood Primary School![edit]

Draft here.

Currently Editing[edit]

Australian Art Draft HERE!!

Previously Editing[edit]

Just being doing some edits on 15th Century Spanish/Flemish painters. And Spanish art more generally.

Things to fix[edit]

Possible projects[edit]

There is a CaixaForum Madrid article, but none for the overall CaixaForums or the ObraSocial foundation that runs them (though the owning bank does have a decent page: La Caixa). Here is a page about the sites, and here about news that there will be a new one in Seville (from El Pais) (see also La Caixa's press release). On the down side, it appears that the Spanish wikipedia doesn't have such an article either.

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