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it Questo utente è di madrelingua italiana.
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scn-2 St'utenti pò cuntribbuiricci c'un sicilianu ôn liveddu mediu.
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eo-1 Ĉi tiu uzanto povas komuniki per baza nivelo de Esperanto.
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I am Mparu, an occasional user of en.wikipedia. You can see my homepage here, in the sicilian version of Wikipedia; you can talk to me in my sicilian talkpage.

Today's featured picture

Niveoscincus metallicus

Niveoscincus metallicus, commonly known as the metallic skink, is a species of skink in the Scincidae family. It is endemic to Australia, where it is found in southern Victoria, as well as in Tasmania and many offshore islands in Bass Strait.

Photograph: JJ Harrison


I am interested in science and philosophy.

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P mathematics.svg Mathematics and logic

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P physics.svg Natural and physical sciences


History of Science • Philosophy of science • Systems science

Biological science

Agropedia • Amphibians and Reptiles • Animals • Arthropods • Astrobiology • Birds • Cats • Cetaceans • Crustaceans • Dinosaurs • Dogs • Ecology • Evolutionary biology • Extinct and Endangered Species • Fish • Forestry • Fungi • Gastropods • Horses • Insects  • Mammals • Marine life • Molecular Anthropology • Molecular and Cellular Biology (Metabolism, Gene wiki) • Neuroscience • Paleontology • Plants • Primates • Prehistoric mammals • Rabbits and hares • Sharks • Trees • Turtles • Viruses • Wildlife of Scotland • Wetlands

Physical science

Astronomy (Space, Solar System, Mars, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Star, X-ray astronomy

Chemistry (Analytical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Crystallography

Earth sciences (Atmospheric sciences, Earthquakes, Environment, Fire, Global warming, Tropical cyclones, Volcanoes and Volcanology, Weather, Water

Physics (Cosmology, Gravitation, Electromagnetism)

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Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy and thinking


I am here mainly to improve my sicilian.

A traditional Sicilian cart from Agrigento, Sicily, 2003.
unc-0 St'utenti sâ uncià cu sta pàggina c'un faci chiddu chi boli iddu.

sap-0 St'utenti sapi fari picca cosi ccà.

Stemma dâ Sicilia