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The Anti-Phonetic Alphabet is a spelling alphabet in the United States that is used in an effort to produce a maximally confusing phonetic alphabet, using anacrophony (see acrophony) wherever possible.

This alphabet was inspired by Inspector Clouseau in the first Pink Panther movie, where he was spelling something with a ‘J’, and he said "J, as in ‘jalapeno’".[1]

Various names exist for this alphabet:

  • Aisle Bdellium Ctenoid (As compared to Abel, Baker, Charlie)[2]
  • An Adults' A B C[3]
  • The Devil's Alphabet[4]
  • The Mispronounced Phonetic Alphabet[5]
  • Nearly Anacrophonic Phonetic Alphabet (NAPA)[6]

The Anti-Phonetic Alphabet is as follows:

Letter Code Word(s) Proper Names Homophones
A Aisle Aesop Are, Aye
B Bdellium
C Chaos, Czar Cathy Cue, Cutie
D Djinn Django Double-U
E Eulogy, Eunuch Eugene Eye, Ewe, Elle
F Fnord Faro
G Gnat, Gnaw, Gnome Gnu
H Honor, Hor d'ouevres Hour, Heir
I Irrupt Igor
J Juanta, Jalapeño Juan, Juanita, Julio
K Knife, Knob Knight, Knot, Know
L Llewellyn
M Mnemonic Mancy
N Nguyen
O Opossum Oedipus
P Phone, Phonetic,
Pneumatic, Pneumonia,
Psalm, Psi, Psychology
Ptarmigan, Phew
Q Quay
R Rubricate
S See, Sea, Serial
T Tsar, Tsunami
U Urn
W Why, Whore, Wrangle,
Wren, Wrench
Wagner Won, Write, Wry
X Xi, Xylophone
Y Yvette You
Z Zhou

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