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This user is a bot
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Mr.Z-bot hard at work
Operator Mr.Z-man
Author Mr.Z-man
Flagged? Yes
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Python
Exclusion compliant? No
Source code published? GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes

This is an automatic bot account operated by Mr.Z-man. You can report bugs on my talk page. All of my currently active bots are written in Python using my wikitools framework for working with the MediaWiki API. The source is available in my GitHub repo. This contains the source for wikitools, my bots, and my Tool Labs tools.

Task 3[edit]

Up (source)

Create and maintain lists of pageview statistics for WikiProjects like Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/Popular pages. If you'd like one for a project, file a request here. Runs monthly

Task 4[edit]

Up (source)

Convert {{unreferenced}} to {{BLP unsourced}} on articles in Category:Living people. Runs weekly

Task 5[edit]

Up (source)

Maintain a public watchlist of articles with potential BLP issues, as reported at WP:BLPN, accessible from here. Runs daily.

Task 6[edit]

Up (source)

Report users who trip abuse filters to WP:AIV and to #wikipedia-en-abuse-log. The filter lists can be edited by any admin at filters.js. Runs continuously.

Misc. non-editing tasks[edit]