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Hello! I'm Mr. Stradivarius, and I've been editing Wikipedia regularly since 2010. In real life I teach English in Japan, and I started out on Wikipedia by editing articles on second-language acquisition and language education. Some of the articles I have contributed to are listed below.

These days, I am mostly involved in writing Lua modules and templates. I started learning Lua in 2013, and I've now written more modules than I have articles; check below for an (incomplete) list.

I became an administrator in August 2012 (my RfA) and I help out with administrative tasks from time to time. I'm most active in patrolling Category:Wikipedia protected edit requests, and I also work at requests for page protection.

If you have any questions about an administrative action that I've taken, please feel free to ask me about it on my talk page. If I've done something stupid I'll be happy to reverse whatever I have done. (And if it's particularly stupid you can leave me a nice, fresh trout-slap.)

Also, if you were wondering about my username: the "Mr." is so that people can avoid using things like s/he when talking about me, and "Stradivarius" is the name of a camel I once owned. (True story.) That, and I play the violin, although the one I play isn't actually a Stradivarius. A lot of editors here call me "Strad" for short, but I'll answer to most things.

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These are pages that I have significantly expanded or re-written:



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