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Wikipedia Projects[edit]

My current specific pet pages on Wikipedia are:

I am in general trying to help out wikiproject Japan to improve the Japanese cuisine articles, because many of them are... well, pretty pathetic. Since I live in Japan, I can check out a lot of this stuff firsthand which makes it easy. Plus, Japanese cooking is a big hobby of mine, and writing about it is a good way to improve my understanding of the basics.

I am a member of WikiProject Woodworking even though I am not so hot on the subject: tryin' to do my part against systemic bias. I am also a member of Wikiproject Japan, which is far more underrepresented than I would expect. Otaku culture doesn't seem to be able to contribute too much of actual use.


None of my userboxes are on this page. If you want to see the list of userboxes I think apply to me, check out my subpage full of them.

Off Wikipedia[edit]


I am Eric "Erk" Butler. I would have been called Erk, but that was taken. No surprise there. I tried to be called Erku, the usually untaken backup name, but Wikipedia won't let me have a name to similar to Erky. Erky, from hell's heart, I stab at thee.

Fortunately, I have learned the magic of signatures, and my crappy username is no longer a great setback to my world domination goals.


I am the co-owner of which has its own tiny wiki.

Qualifications and Other Notes[edit]

I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and teach Junior High School English in Natori City, Japan. My hobbies include cooking, woodworking, and pixel art, and I am writing a novel.

I am 25 years old, male, I have a girlfriend named Jen who lives in Canada, and I like umeboshi. I also like Traffic Lights, but only when they're green, as an anonymous editor has observed.