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This template is designed to merge the current {{archive box}}, {{archives}}, and {{archive box collapsible}} templates into one.


{{User:MrKIA11/Archive Box
  • width=(px|em) Changes the box width. Default is 238px, the standard "small" size.
  • collapsible=(yes|no) Makes the box collapsible. Default is no.
  • large=(yes|no) Makes the box a standard centered message box. Default is no.
  • image=(IMAGENAME|no) Changes the default image. Default is Vista-file-manager.png. A few others are listed below. Can also be set to no to remove image completely.
  • index=(/INDEX) Sets the location of the archive index if available. HBC Archive Indexerbot can be used to automatically generate an index.
  • archivelist=(/ARCHIVELIST) Sets the location of the archive list if available. Default is /archivelist.
  • auto=(short|long) Makes links to archive pages automatically if they are in the format of /Archive #. Set to small for {{archive list}}, which displays the links as single numbers separated by commas, or set to large for {{archive list long}}, which displays the links in the form of Archive # in 3 columns. Small supports up to 100 archives, while large supports up to 36 archives.

If auto is used:

  • root=(PAGE) Sets the root of the archive pages. Default is the current page.
If auto=small is used:
  • links=(#) Sets the number of links per line in the archive list. Default is 10. (Not to be used with nobr)
  • nobr=(yes|no) Removes all line breaks in archive list. Default is no. (Not to be used with links)
  • bot-name=(NAME) Adds notice that page is automatically archived by NAME.
  • bot-days=(#) Adds how old a thread is before it is automatically archived.

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