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The World of Mr Marmite
I've no real idea why I edit wiki pages. I have a pointless obsession with apostrophes,
maybe because my real name ends in an "s" I feel obliged to remind the world that only plurals
ending in "s" drop the post-apostrophe "s"
Yeasty Goodness
A, B and C This user prefers not to use the serial comma.
... in. Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which this user will not put.
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
Majority ≠ right This user recognizes that even if 300,000,000 people make the same mistake, it's still a mistake.
“,;:’ This user is a punctuation stickler.
. The This user does not put two spaces after a full stop.
It’s really not that hard to use each word in its proper manner.
’s This user realises that plural nouns should not have an apostrophe while possessive words should!
’s Thi's user know's that not every word that end's with s need's an apostrophe and will remove misused apostrophe's from Wikipedia with extreme prejudice.
This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
This user thinks that if your grammar is incorrect, then you’re in need of help.
Latin Plurals: "Data is are..." This user uses "data", "media", "memoranda", "criteria", and "agenda" as the plurals of "datum", "medium", "memorandum", "criterion", and "agendum".
ANAL 4 This user advocates good grammar usage.
UK This user uses British English.
US This user uses American English.
Lipsum This user uses lorem ipsum as placeholder text to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation.
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall.jpg This user is a Monty Python fan.
CountyHallAylesbury.jpg This user is from Buckinghamshire.
Barack Obama.jpg This user supports Barack Obama for President.
Flag of Israel.svg This user believes in a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Flag of Palestine.svg
Europesatelliteorthographic101.jpg This user wants all of Europe to join the EU. Flag of Europe.svg
Flag of Europe.svg This user supports the
European Union.
Nuvola apps kbackgammon.png This user is a backgammon player.
This user is interested in video game development.
CIV This user plays one or more versions of Civilization.
Nocensor.svg This user sees nothing wrong with the human form and doesn't view it as something that needs to be hidden.
"No smoking" sign with text This user supports the ban on smoking in public places.
Peace dove.gif This user is peaceful.
Icon-gears2.svg This user believes in logic.
lib This user is a liberal.
Toroencorrida.JPG This user thinks that bullfighting should be extinct.
Nuvola apps amor.svg This user has a wife.
This user has studied at the University of the
West of England
, Bristol
This user knows that it's never lupus
NCIS This user is a fan of NCIS.
Towel blue decorativepattern closeup.jpg
This user is a hoopy frood who really knows where their towel is.
BBC This user supports the BBC.
4 This user thinks BBC Radio 4 is worth the licence fee alone.
National Public Radio logo.svg This user listens to NPR.
ISIHAC This user is a fan of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
TNQ This user listens to The News Quiz podcast, and wishes other BBC comedy was podcasted as well.
NOW This user listens to The Now Show podcast, and wishes other BBC comedy was podcasted as well.
PD-icon.svg This user is against DRM.
Crystal kwrite.png This user never reads anything useful on a blog—ever.
SQL This user uses SQL queries to locate their car keys.
Dispersion prism.jpg This user is a member of the Pink Floyd WikiProject.
A03 2807 640x427.JPG This user's favourite animal is the Reticulated Giraffe.
Exquisite-Modem.png This user remembers using
a rotary dial telephone.
This user is a professional editor.
A blue eye.jpg This user has blue eyes.

☢ This user is an escaped genetic experiment.
NoGet.png This user believes that get is a horrible verb and should not be used.
Custom swingline.jpg This user wonders if you've seen their stapler?.
?met? This user prefers metric units and cannot figure out why Americans have such a hard time with them.
User:EliminatorJR/Userboxes/Curry Addict
Flag of the United States.svg This user is associated with the United States of America.
Hubble ultra deep field.jpg This user, based on evidence and current consensus, thinks that the Universe began with a bang.
Schematicky atom.png
Please keep your imaginary friends to yourself. Thank you.
O This user feels Outnumbered.
No Religion.svg This user believes any universe would be a happier, safer and saner place if there were no religion.
Gay flag.svg
This user supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.
This user knows that FOX News is not Fair or Balanced.