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The Best User!

MrPacman0 is a amature game maker that uses the program Game Maker version 6.1, his experience isn't huge but it isn't small, either. He is working on a large project, which is spurring up to be pretty good and with online play. He has created forums that have helped him get replies from his teammates, since he is the director and co-ordinator of the project. His favorite sites apart from Wikipedia is Uncyclopedia, HowStuffWorks, and Game Maker Community. Along with Trapmaster Piffy, he invented characters for Piffy the Porf, such as Santa Claus and Piffy's signature weapon, the bat.

He is currently learning how to dual-wield with sword-like objects, such as sticks with handles, and the art of swordplay (using fake weapons, of course).

Viva Mexico!!