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A little picture of me

My name is James Hardy and I live in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK where I was born on the 9th May 1979. That makes me 29 years old.

I am a web application developer by trade.

Personally speaking I would consider myself to be a radical liberal or as our beloved former Home Secretary likes to say a member of the Liberati. I went on the big anti-war march


I am more of a tweaker than a creator, but when I come across a page that doesn't exist that I know a little about, I create an article. I have done a couple of rewrites. For some pages I have worked on see my subpage of selected contributions

Also a member of WikiProject British TV channels and we could really do with some help creating articles for all the British TV Channels. If you fancy lending a hand, please come along and join.

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Languages, Skills and Interests[edit]

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I am a native English speaker, speaking either a fairly standard RP or Estuary English dialects - depending on to whom I am speaking and how lazy I feel.

I have GCSEs in French and Russian, so can scrape by in them. I am better in French than Russian, but would like to take up Russian again.

My interests are quite varied, and I tend to get a little obsessive over a subject for a few weeks and then lose some interest in it. Some long term interest are rail and the London Underground, politics (mainly British and European, civil rights and constitutional laws), British TV channels, flags, monarchies as well as my local area.

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