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About Me
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Hi I'm new and I may mess up. If you find I have please let me know. I'm learning the ins and out of wikipedia as I go.

Some of you may have some questions for me. This is natural and I have compiled a list of questions that are common.

Recent Major Edits[edit]

Some may argue about these being major, but I call removing a character from a category, any category, a major edit.


Who am you?[edit]

I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist with a penchant for comics and a love of conspiracy theories. And rancid breath, bad temper, minor problem with alcoholism, with a penchant for not staying faithful to my wife.

What are your credentials?[edit]

As a Nuclear Medicine Tech, I an NMTCB Certified and I have worked in a variety of settings.

I mean to edit Wikipedia.[edit]

Oh. I happend to know that certain words are spelled wrong when I see them. I call it a gift. I'm also a big fan of subject verb agreement. And nothing irks me more than to see "Godamnit"; we all know that it is "Goddammit"

Why am you here?[edit]

I am here to fix grammatical errors or erroneous statements that I know to be false.

So it's not just to piss me off?[edit]

Not really. Though, that might happen because I'm new to wikipedia and am likely to make mistakes. Please be patient with me and I'll try to extend every courteous civility I can.

Why are you so gorgeous?[edit]

Just lucky I guess.