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About me[edit]

I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I enjoy writing about Queensland heritage, Australian and Queensland cricket, cinema and music.

I was formerly Wikipedian-in-residence with the State Library of Queensland between April and August 2016.

Article checklist[edit]

Lead paragraph[edit]

  • Definition - what, when, where?
  • Don't assume they are Australian - write for a global audience
  • What's their claim to fame

Article structure[edit]

Compare with similar topics for ideas

  • Early life
  • Career
  • Late life
  • Legacy
  • References - Attributions for copy and paste of suitably licenced existing material
  • Further reading - book, journals, previously paper published
  • External links - relevant websites - link to most appropriate page - quality info or official website
    • commons category goes here

Anything else[edit]

Wiki-links? Citations? Images? Commons category? Categories? Links from other articles? Have I updated the project page?