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Testing PSDs...

Go to store.

Buy eggs.

While there are still uncooked eggs:

Take egg.

Put egg in boiling water

Bring eggs to table.

Until all eggs have been eaten:

Eat egg.

Clean up plate.

Was lunch satisfactory?

Do it again tomorrow!

Vow to never eat eggs again. (荷蘭 = Netherlands) Eucalyptus


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  • Time attack — a mode which allows the player to finish a game (or a part of it) as fast as possible, saving record times.
  • Score attack — the attempt to reach a record logged point value in a game.
  • Electronic sports — a general term used to describe computer and video games which are played as competitive sports.
  • Sequence breaking — the act of performing actions or obtaining items in a video game out of the intended order, or of skipping said actions or items entirely while still successfully completing the game.
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