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Articles I have started[edit]


Toddington Town Band

I added this article as Historically, the Toddington Town Band has notable involvement in village affairs. The band has now moved past it's centenary year and therefore, for me at least, has earned recognition of it's status within the village.

This is my first article creation however so it is a work in progress and I will be happily receiving any constructive criticisms on what pitfalls to avoid in future. If you correct something with it, please explain what I did wrong so I don't do it again.

Articles I have modified[edit]

Hesdin (English)[edit]


The belfry of the town hall

I currently live in this town in Northern France. I have personally found a particular website very helpful in locating information locally and therefore decided to add it to the English version of the Hesdin page to help other English folks find similar information.

I am acquainted with the owner of the website who runs it with no income generated. All listings are free of charge and there is NO form of paid advertising on the site. In my opinion that makes it a good reference for inclusion on a Wikipedia article but not enough to warrant a separate page! Especially seeing as previously mentioned:-

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