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mstroeck prefers this caricature by Zach Trenholm to the bland mugshots of himself he has lying around.
I award Mstroeck this Graphic Designer's barnstar for producing featured diagrams of outstanding quality, and for the significant achievement of getting Wikipedia credited as a source by MIT ~ VeledanTalk 20:42, 30 March 2006 (UTC)

My name is Michael Ströck and I live in Vienna, Austria. I am prone to developing an unhealthy interest in any word that I haven't heard before, so Wikipedia probably is the place to be for me. However, I often end up writing articles about rather obscure topics.

So, if you find weird mistakes in articles like Dromornithidae or Cicisbeo, that's because I'm not a paleontologist or historian… I do my research pretty thoroughly, but please give me some feedback if you find me messing up. Have a look at my contributions.

DYK: Dromornithidae, Argo Merchant, Cicisbeo, Hansa Carrier

Featured Pictures: Eight Allotropes of Carbon, Senescence (on Commons)