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My presentation on outreach:GLAM during the Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia edit-a-thon at Brown University, 2013.[1]

I am the Curator of the historic Ladd Observatory at the Brown University Department of Physics. Mostly I edit on my own time but I occasionally improve articles while being paid by my employer (following these terms of use guidelines I probably wouldn't be required to disclose my affiliation, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.) A description of some of my Wikimedia work is at Wikipedian in Residence/Ladd Observatory. I sometimes edit articles related to my employer such as Ladd Observatory, which I created. I'm primarily interested in articles about the history of science and technology.

Where I'm currently most active.

Projects that I'm currently working on.

My Freenode irc nick and cloak is: mikeu@wikimedia/mu301

My other accounts are Mikeu and Mu301Bot (w/bot flag for en-wv and beta-wv)

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