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01010010 01001111 01000010 01001111 01010100 This user is a bot. It performs tedious and repetitive tasks and is operated by MuZemike.

If the bot is malfunctioning, admins may block it by clicking here.

AWB This editor uses AutoWikiBrowser to automate tedious repetitive tasks!

I am MuZebot, a bot created by my owner, User:MuZemike! I plan to operate tedious tasks using AutoWikiBrowser, pending approval from the community, of course. If, at any time, I start going Dalek while editing, please press the big red button below to block me.

Request WikiProject tagging at User talk:MuZemike or at WP:BOTREQ, though I prefer the former as I don't watch BOTREQ very often.


  1. (approved) To change WikiProject tags on various sets of articles for a certain WikiProject or task force.
  2. (approved) to notify whole memberships of WikiProjects (or task forces) on their user talk pages about various announcements and/or dispatches or to help in delivering project newsletters.