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About Me
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First of all welcome to my Wikipedia User page. It's not too exciting, but I hope you'll like it. I am active on the English Wikipedia since 4th March 2011, but have been active on the German WP since May 2005. If you'd like to contact me, just write in my Discussions page.

About Me[edit]

I was born in the German university town called Marburg in Hesse and grew up there. I went to the Gymnasium called Elisabethschule in Marburg before moving to Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt. Since 2006 I moved to the UK and am now settled in Norbury, London.

I am currently more active on the German Wikipedia and have started more than 70 Articles there and done over 1,200 edits. For more information, you can visit my German Wikipedia Page by choosing Deutsch from the languages on the left panel of the screen.

My Aim[edit]

My aim is it to simply improve Wikipedia as much as possible. At the moment I am focussing on improving the German WP by adding more articles and improving the existing ones. It will be near impossible to overtake the English WP in terms of articles and quality, due to the high number of active users, but I would be happy as long as the German WP keeps its second rank and eventually if it increases the gap to the others.

Images taken and uploaded to Wikipedia[edit]