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After being very active from June 2010 to June 2012, I got disillusioned with Wikipedia. Suffering from a severe case of Wikistress, I took a long Wikibreak. In June 2017 I returned, trying this time to care less. The collapsed page below is my five (now seven) years old user page. Much of it is irrelevant, but I'm keeping it because... well, I don't care. You can treat it as a page in history or ignore it altogether. Did I say already how much I care?

I mostly edit on Thursday and Friday, sometimes on Saturday evening. If you leave me a message I will try to respond earlier, but that's usually my schedule.

Update, to the not-interested and otherwise: in April 2018 I realized that again, I have drifted into subjects that are hopeless, mostly Education in India. I do not enjoy spending most of my time reverting boosterism and promotional edit, not to speak of bored students' vandalism. The system is NOT WORKING. There are not enough caring editors to keep filthy hands out of education institute articles, and those articles are gradually degrading into a pile of excrement. Since the system of allowing any anonymous IP do anything to any page is not going to change, I am withdrawing from my involvement with Education in India and I am going to try to contribute in fields where my contribution may be appreciated and may have some lasting effect on the quality of Wikipedia.

Mini projects, TDL, watchlist[edit]

  • Current mini-projects:
Category:Singlechart usages for UKchartstats (226): 67% complete
  • Current TODO list:
  • Watching
  • Cleanup bot candidates
My old user page

Old User Page[edit]

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Muhandes is a WikiGnome, mostly involved with gnomish activities. Muhandes delved into some subjects in the past, e.g. lighthouses, higher education in India and certifications of music recordings. Still, most of his contributions were made since some other activity prompted it.

This is mainly a huge To-Do list, reminding Muhandes of what he wants to do, and what he already did. Please don't treat it harshly, it's just a big pile of links and wikilinks.



  • I check My Watchlist quite often. It includes every page I ever edited, so I catch some vandalism on less patrolled pages. I remove pages from the watchlist when I see other people are patrolling them.

Correct Disambiguation pages with links[edit]

I mostly just choose random acronyms and correct them. Whenever I do, I adopt. Thanks Wiki Cleaner for making this so easy:

  • Random pages I adopted:


Articles I created or rewrote[edit]

Templates created[edit]

Articles I made significant contributions to[edit]

Other things I do / TODO[edit]

AUS sources[edit]

Education in India[edit]

Useful? discussions[edit]

DYK/GAN Nominations[edit]

  • Future GA:



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Where I've Been[edit]

These are just places I visited. I also probably forgot a few US states which I visited as a kid.

Europe North America Asia & Australia

dagger only in transit