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ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) is a program of professional certifications awarded by ARM Holdings. The AAE program is designed for computer software and hardware engineers wishing to validate their knowledge of the ARMv7 processor design architecture.

The AAE program consists of a number of certifications, each with their own syllabus, and each assessed by means of a separate one hour multiple-choice exam.


Only one certification, ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE), is currently available. Others will be launched over the next few years.

ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE)[edit]

AAE is an entry-level certification, and was the first to be launched, in July 2012. The AAE syllabus covers software-related aspects of the ARMv7 Architecture, with a specific focus on Cortex-A and Cortex-R profiles, including applications processors and real-time processors. The syllabus does not cover Cortex-M systems. The AAE certification is aimed at general embedded software and systems developers who have a broad knowledge of ARM technology.

ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME)[edit]

The AAME certification be launched in August 2013. It is intended to be an entry-level certification, similar to the basic AAE certification, but focused on the ARMv7 Cortex-M profile. This certification is aimed at general embedded software engineers with a broad knowledge of ARM technology, with a bias toward microcontrollers.

Other certifications[edit]

The following certifications are being considered for launch between 2013 and 2016:

  • ARM Accredited Cortex-A Engineer (AACAE)
  • ARM Accredited Cortex-R Engineer (AACRE)
  • AA Windows on ARM Developer (AAWoAD)
  • AA Linux on ARM Developer (AALoAD)
  • AA Android on ARM Developer (AAAoAD)
  • AA Graphics Specialist (AAGS)
  • AA Security Specialist (AASS)
  • ARM Accredited Cortex-M Engineer (AACME)
  • ARM Accredited SoC Developer (AASoCD)
  • ARM Accredited SoC Specialist (AASoCS)