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pages i made[edit]

/ Network 23 (record label)
/ Poortgebouw
/ Carnival against Capitalism
/ Het Slaakhuis
/ List of free party sound systems
/ Daren King
/ Empties

pages i helped out with 2006-7[edit]

/ Operation Foxley
/ teknival  
/ banksy
/ venetian snares
/ throbbing gristle
/ Chris and Cosey
/ freetekno
/ free party
/ free tekno
/ Ferris_Bueller's_Day_Off
/ Goonies
/ Andre the giant has a posse
/ Spiral Tribe
/ De Blauwe Aanslag
/ Rampart Social Centre
/ Social centre
/ ASCII (squat)
/ Kool FM
/ Exercise Tiger
/ Buckfast Abbey
/ Castlemorton Common Festival
/ Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
/ Slug and Lettuce (fanzine)

fings to do[edit]

/ Article template
/ [/Wikipedia:Template_messages/User_talk_namespace template messages]
/ slum
/ Abahlali baseMjondolo
/ Suburbia (film)
/ Will Self books
/ battle of beanfield
/ indymedia
/ noise (music)
/ Electronic music
/ ecovillage
/ community
/ sustainable
/ Wikipedia talk:Guide for Indymedia authors
/ New age travellers

yep stuff to add nope nope

One member commented in 2003 "The club is about having a social space that’s accessible to working class people. We also want a space, a journalistic space if you like, where we can state our ideas. I think it’s about reclaiming what’s ours to reclaim. We don’t have the right to reclaim the Philippines, we do have the right to reclaim Bradford because it’s ours. That’s always been a really strong thing, that Bradford is ours – it’s no more complicated than that really. From that, everything else flows – everything the club’s done."

August 1 2003, Volume 4, No. 3 Tony Harcup `The Unspoken - Said': The Journalism of Alternative Media Journalism 2003 4: 356-376. [Abstract] [PDF] [References]

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