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Hello, my name is Mullon.

I'm too shy and/or lazy to write my articles, so I usually just stick to correcting parts in articles and asking questions in discussion pages that will hopefully result in an article being expanded.

And yes I'm probably the same Mullon you've met in other parts of the internet. Soon I will have dominion over the entire the entire internet, and the name Mullon will strike fear into the hearts of everyone.

Except for Maple Story and Xbox Live. Someone beat me to those. And when I find those Mullons they will pay. God I hope someone hasn't beaten me to the Wii's internet thing.

And Deviantart where my name is misspelled Mullonn.

And Jade Empire where I went by the name Pacific Mullon, which I think I will now use whenever Mullon isn't availible.

Words that I use to much that I wish to stop using so much:




I also got to stop starting sentences with one short word followed by a comma.