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Stelan cultures[edit]

Stelan Cultures (colloq. "Ancient Astronauts" or "Extraterrestrial Races") is a new understanding of a what is commonly regarded as any genus of people not from Earth. All Stelan races, literally "stellar (races of) people," are transdimensional cultures that inhabit the known and unknown cosmos. Stelans are made up of entirely interstellar races (common terms: Star Visitors, Star Beings, Star People; derogatory terms: aliens, extraterrestrials, nonhumans; militarized terms: ETs, EBEs) on or near planet Earth. These ancient astronauts and explorers were responsible for the formation of the race of inhabitants on Earth (ie human beings) and continue a presence here to maintain the health and well being of the living environment throughout its evolutionary processes. Stelan lore is not only ancient but continues till the modern day, the evidence of UFO sightings is so far the best examples of this as well as many devoted books and witness accounts. Stelan science, a branch of divine scientific application practiced in other areas of the cosmos, is at least one million years more advanced than human science. While some governments have acknowledged the presence of UFOs, there has yet to be any kind of official disclosure, one is expected in the very near future.


stelan [noun] 1 Any person having access to, and knowledge of, their multidimensional identity and technological capacity in the cosmic environment. 2 A person with an offplanet heritage. 3 A being with offplanet genes. 4 A cosmic traveler.

The term "Stelan" is a new term. Traditionally, Stelan, Alien, E.T., Extraterrestrial peoples are any persons who did not originate from this planetary body, or any offplant genus of being, especially one that does not appear human-like. "Stelan" is a newly defined term to replace the term "alien". According to the Oxford Dictionary, an alien is a "creature from another world." A Stelan is considered a person with an intelligence, emotional capacity and a well developed culture. Many Stelans appear completely human, in fact could not be identified in a line up of humans.

As individuals, Stelan people are not recognized by any government or nation. Anyone who claims to be an "alien" is routinely understood as having some kind of mental illness (traditional conclusions: possession, schizophrenia, multiple personalities; more recently, bipolarism, Aspergers Syndrome) and in need of medical attention. According to best human science and astronomy, Stelans do not exist. It is generally understood among Stelans that humans believe that all aliens are indeed creatures from some other planets, having multiple appendages, hideous appearances and are evil to the highest degree. Most of this stems from ritual films depicting the alien as a scary monster, like in the films Alien (1979) and Predator (1987), and earlier films such as the 1953 Invaders from Mars or the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Stelan people consider the term more in line with their culture and a better representation of their advanced, and typically benevolent, nature. To be considered a Stelan, an individual must have overcome the demands of the ego, what is generally termed "egoless". Stelans are all egoless to some degree. Human people, on the other hand, are egotistical to some degree. Stelan teachers point out this fundamental difference in cultures. Aliens and extraterrestrials are either film or military terms.

Stelan scientific views and characteristics[edit]

According to Stelan history of the third planet from the Sun, a G2 "dwarf" star, human beings were originally built by cosmic technological applications, having a kind of android signature and presence, and then programmed according to their necessitations. Planet Earth was not the only inhabited planet.

Stelan cultures operate with three guiding principles of non-interference, protection of life and the enabling of free will, among other cosmic laws such as the Law of Accountability (responsible for other person's action as well as self action), are part of all their activities, interactions and exchanges.

Stelan members regard the cosmos as an advanced technological universe, what recognized Stelan and Star Nations member Talessian El-Wikosian terms a Technoverse. Inside the Technoverse all existences are entrenched. There are many "frequencies of existence" and each frequency maintains its own dimensional experience. Verily, this is a multidimensional forum of life. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing The Power of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles (2005), discovered that human DNA is controlled by energy signals emanating from outside the body. Humankind, as evidenced on the third planet from the Sun, exists on a particular dimension of a particular dense frequency.

Authors and alternative theorists including David Icke and Gregg Braden also believe in a kind of divine matrix with or without the aliens. The number of other races in the Technoverse is in the millions with thousands that are more dominant. The cosmos is continually expanding therefore it is noted by Stelan astrologers that new interstellar cultures are coming into form all the time.

Measuring time in other dimensions[edit]

The idea of measuring time is mostly a human convention and temporal scales mostly do not exist in other dimensions. Stelan peoples inhabit other dimensions, typically higher and less dense fractal excursions. In doing so, some of these interstellar travelers can live for thousands, millions or even billions of years, since a "day" in some higher dimension could equate to 100 years on Earth Plane(t). One hundred days in a higher dimension would turn out to be 10,000 Earth years. Most humans are unaware of other dimensions, certainly very few experts can speak in the mainstream about other dimensions without being chastised, disbelieved or losing their jobs. Stelans naturally have a multidimensional view of life.


All true Stelans have a foundational understanding and acceptance of the basic cosmic principles including the overcoming of the ego. The ego, it is believed, is a device that was inserted to contain humans in these dense reality fields. The ego ensured that the new species remained, cultivated the land and properly colonized the planet. Once those actions were stable, Stelan teachers were to instruct or provide instructions on ego removal, but other egotistical Stelan races decided to overtake this realm and used the ego device as a tool for manipulation: hence, a world immersed in egotism, money, greed, beauty and perennial war.

Star Nations[edit]

Star Nations” is an endearing term given to the “Nations from the Stars” by earlier generations of Native Peoples such as Native Indian Nations (eg Sioux, Cherokee, Lakota, Saami or "Laplanders"), literally the people who live in the stars. Many Native Cultures (eg Mayans, Egyptians) associated themselves closely with these Star Nations, or Shining Ones.

Old Egyptians, for example, were star bearers themselves and closely represented the ideals of Stelan races from the respect of leaders with a noble birth to the ritual of the afterlife (such as the 3,500-year-old Egyptian Book of the Dead), the return to Source. Modern cultures such as Tibetan people still practice rebirth techniques and even have a Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Star Nations is a term given to an alliance of interstellar races on or near planet Earth and inhabiting this Solar System. Star Nations members are all Stelans, some human in appearance, some having other appearances. Star Nations is believed to be working behind-the-scenes to protect mankind from destroying itself and has many kinds of starships. Virtually no one is aware of Star Nations or their activities because of a worldwide cover-up on any true interstellar issue.

Star Nations operates with these basic cosmic principles:

> Seek out, develop and expand coalition of awarenesses across the Technoverse ("technologically-based universe" similarly "cosmos").
> Build new systems (eg solar system), populate said systems and to monitor growth and evolution of those newly created systems using the most appropriate methods available;
> Operate under cosmic-grade programming such as non-interference, protection of life and the enabling of freewill;
> Not to impose its presence on a population unless so demanded, or, was at a point of readiness and acceptance; alternatively, if instructed, directed or influenced by Source ("a respected Heavenly Father construct") or its true Manifestations;
> Facilitate the migration and settlement of other cultures ("people, programs, general beings") into newly-aware environments.
> Uphold and live-by the unique set of Cosmic and Primordial Laws which are based in ideas including, but not limited to, benevolent cooperation, altruistic intention, unending progression, technological protocol, spirit replication, multidimensional discussion and endearing compassion.

Star Nations High Council[edit]

The major decisions made by Star Nations are done so through a very elaborate, multicultural and multidimensional council of members who represent their particular culture. The High Councillors rarely make a visit to earth. The High Council oversees existential progression and monitors all significant events. A full and accurate representation of multidimensional cultures makes up the council as their efforts span many realms of existence, extrusion and interpretation. Star Nations does not operate on linear timescales and the high council maintains a temporal-free dialectical process. Advisers and Councillors provide the necessary details of the particular realm, terrain or space to make the most reasonable and balanced strategic decision.

Localized ground-based Councillors (corporeal and noncorporeal) work closely with humans and provide in-depth analysis and observation on the growth and development of human culture including the formative sciences, technological innovation, associations to belief (esp. In regards to religion), geopolitical directions, connections to the reality in question (namely earth), spiritual determinism and readiness of people in regards to the real and actual presence of nonhuman, transdimensional cultures living on or near earth.

First Human on High Council[edit]

In order to accommodate some of the cultural differences between humans and nonhumans, the Star Nations High Council elected an Earth Councillor. After an exhaustive effort by Stelan Asheoma, the American behavioral scientist, Dr. Richard Boylan, was made a Star Nations Earth Councillor, a human voice on the Stelan High Council. Dr. Boylan’s earthly views have allowed the ascended minds of the High Council to view the human species with a more balanced approach, though the results are never perfect.

There are any number of elected Councillors at any given time, most of them are not public.

Four Earth Nations meet with Star Nations (April 14, 1964)[edit]

According to the recent work of Dr. Boylan, along with assistance from his human/nonhuman associates, on April 14, 1964, Star Nations High Council nonhuman members had held a secret meeting with the representatives of Four Earth Nations (USA, USSR, PRC, Council of Europe). The unverified meeting was said to have ratified previous discussions and to curtail the shooting down of starships (or "flying discs" as it was known in the 60s) by defense agents. It was held 15 levels down inside of a subterranean installation in the Guadalupe Mountains, near El Capitan Peak. Dr. Boylan identified 24 human representatives (prominent people) present along with 3 Stelan members of the Star Nations High Council; a comprehensive cooperative agreement was signed. Subsequent relations between Stelans and Humans became palatable for a time leading up to the Moon Landing in 1969. But harmony would not last. The promise of a full public UFO Disclosure, as agreed, would be blocked for the next 41 years. On September 29, 2005, the cooperative agreement was canceled. Acknowledged Stelan reality scientist, an entirely new branch of physics, Talessian N. El-Wikosian confirmed that there was a meeting between Humans and Stelans, and he also believed there were previous negotiations and agreements outside of the 1964 arrangements. Despite Mr. El-Wikosian being a recognized member of Star Nations, till today no government or nation has ever acknowledged the presence of Stelans (Aliens) and has never admitted to any secret meetings.

Genetic manipulation[edit]

The process of ascending a ready civilization necessitates genetic manipulation and Stelan scientists have routinely taken individuals, and groups, aboard starships or in complexes and reformulated their genetic make-up so as to widen the dimensional complexity of the human species. These “takings” generally referred to as “abductions” have been met with mixed feelings, but mostly negative experiencers have voiced their opinions loudly and publicly while positive exchanges have remained subdued.

According to general Stelan knowledge, in normally evolving civilizations, it is customary for the people to regularly follow ascension rituals. This is noted in ancient cultures. But for modern human culture, these traditions had been effectively wiped out and replaced with false holiday celebrations (eg Christmas, Easter Sunday, Independence Day) and the ritual that allows “genetic unfolding” had been forgotten for many long decades. In lieu of altruistic human leadership, Stelan members were forced to work many labors to serve what humanity itself neglected.

It has also been noted that the human scientific understanding of life has not able to understand the relationship between DNA and computer programming codes, but that knowledge gap is indeed becoming smaller (especially with the help of Dr. Lipton's work on genes as receptors). To an interstellar professional, genetic manipulation is a way to improve the human lifeform, to make it more cosmic in nature and to increase its processing output. Not a view shared by the guinea pig. To the human recipient, typically instilled in fear and believing in evil alien propaganda (The War of the Worlds, V), and because the coercive forces refused to make public the Stelan presence, the very idea of genetic manipulation has a deep negative connotation and fearful experiences react badly to the procedures. El-Wikosian likens it to a child being taken to the dentist and having fewer cavities as an adult.

The range of genetic alterations has been complex, for example, human embryos have been extracted, adjusted and reinserted, or, have been put into synthetic mothers who then produced hybridized offspring. These offspring were later reinserted into a human family, as sort of an adoption. In each case, Stelan members are supposed to act with permission from an individual, though the weight of permission varies according to dimensional quality and awareness. Abduction cases are usually filled with confusion and fear. It is generally the case that many humans feel adopted or abadoned with no idea why and sometimes there is a connection to their actual birth process.

Current situation[edit]

Stelans must maintain a higher level of security (than normal) since the current stream of Earth Rulers (Illuminati, secret societies, Cabal, CIA) do not like the presence of nonhuman cultures in their oppressive environment. Members are routinely persecuted, sometimes captured and even tortured.

While it does, like most blacklisted and persecuted organizations, serve invisibly and humbly, it also must maintain a level of secrecy due to covert paramilitary groups dedicated to attacking members, bases and operations. As Star Beings (Stelans), all members have varying competencies in thought communications, and or have access to other forms of nonverbal, inaudible communications (eg telepathy).


There are many cultures that fill the known and unknown universe, and the members of Star Nations, better regarded as “Starkind” rather than as “aliens”, “extra-terrestrials”, “extra-terrestrial biological entities”, or “ETs”. Films and self-appointed experts typically use derogatory references such as “alien” to sell the concept of an evil monster that must be destroyed. For example, the Ridley Scott film, Alien (1979), had an acid-blooded serial killer hunting defenseless humans onboard an isolated ship in the middle of outerspace. The War of the Worlds (1953) had alien war machines vaporizing humankind. The film Independence Day (1996) held a similar "wipe out humanity" theme. Starkind is generally millions (or billions) of years ahead of human civilization, and while that level of culture is hard to perceive, it causes a lot of cross-cultural miscommunication. Egoless beings, Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King as human examples, cannot intentionally harm another person. Despite mainstream references and movie productions, there has never been any kind of evil alien invasion in the last 2,000 years.

Pop culture and Stelans[edit]

Many appearances of "friendly" Stelans tend to be considered fantasy (not a believable discussion in the UFO Community and among E.T. Abduction experts) and in many instances comedy. Some productions such as Man from Atlantis or Fringe, the line gets blurred and the Stelan concept is not highlighted. Here are some US Television appearances of Stelans (human-looking), or aliens:

Stelans on US TV[edit]

Stelans on Film[edit]

Interstellar views on world events[edit]

It is known by Stelans that many significant events on Earth are orchestrated, on purpose, in order to oppress a populace or to redirect their thoughts. This has been a recurring pattern and the main method by which humans are kept enslaved, for people are unable to accept the fact that a deadly event would have been conjured by their very leaders, hidden or not.

For example, the event on September 11, 2001 was believed to have been orchestrated in order to immerse the American nation into war and to distract it from other awakenings, such as the meeting with Starkind. According to El-Wikosian, the attacks were designed to shock and block the internal workings of the body, to delay ascension, to endlessly put-off the UFO Disclosure. Among Stelan people, Hurricane Katrina and the January 12, 2010 Haiti Earthquake, the result from an advanced energy weapon strike, were also orchestrated events.

The orchestration of select world events are masterminded by cosmic races of beings and their established networks of influence. The presence of secret societies (eg Freemasons) is one of the few fundamental clues as to the orchestration and administration of society using clandestine, ritualistic practices well outside of the mainstream. The Stelan view is entirely speculative from a Human viewpoint and it has not been scientifically substantiated to any significant degree. This has created a longstanding rift between earth and off-earth cultures.

The future of Stelan relations[edit]

Stelans are currently, and have been doing so for many decades, collaborating with a wide spectrum of individuals, experts and groups in order to prepare humanity, as a whole, and in general, for the realized Interstellar Reconciliation. These benevolent actions continue in earnest despite paramilitary aggression, censorship, persecution, deception, denial, rejection, and disinformation because humanity needs to know the truth about their origins. It is because humanity, on many levels of perception, wants to know, and feels ready, that they will soon know.

It is against Stelan normal conduct to interfere with the development of a civilization and while many actions were considered as part of a disclosure campaign, members were determined not to intrude where they were not welcome since that would have caused too much disruption. Members also collectively agreed that it was best to wait until humanity was ready, leaving the decision for “contact” in the hands of humankind, and always being ready for that moment, whenever it was determined to be. Certainly Star Nations was intent on making their presence known and having Stelan as a new culture amidst the multicultural earth. All of that changed in 2010 when the Star Nations High Council with groundwork from Earth Councillor Boylan decided to move forward with a public disclosure after repeated delays and excuses in the American government, one of the most resistant governmental administrations on the issue of UFO disclosure. The US Administration was granted the last 3 months of 2010 to make an official UFO statement, deadline December 31, 2010, and this would be followed by a new flow of interstellar revelation. By May 1, 2011, no UFO Disclosure was forthcoming and the US Leadership was quiet on the issue and absent of the promises.

Stelans see that in the near future, interstellar settlements will be commonplace and this civilization will be welcomed into a kind of galactic family.

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