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The Weeaboo
The Weeaboo Official Poster
Directed by Jacob Lacuesta
Written by

Jacob Lacuesta

Jacob Skolnick
Narrated by Jacob Lacuesta
Edited by

Jacob Lacuesta

Jacob Skolnick
Distributed by Lacuesta Productions
Release date
Country USA
Language English, Japanese
Budget $2,500

The Weeaboo is an upcoming 2017 documentary film by Jacob Lacuesta that analyzes weeaboo culture.


The film follows self-proclaimed ex-weeaboo Jacob Lacuesta as he ventures out to various anime conventions, universities and Japan to analyze what weeaboo culture really is from various standpoints including a sociological, psychological, philosophical, and political. [1]


The film was originally planned to be a small 45-minute documentary following trips to Kraken Con, FanimeCon, and SacAnime. The film was expanded to 100 minutes following an expansion of the thesis to cover more topics. Production of the film was also expanded to Japan. Filming began in April 2016 with the attendance of San Francisco's Sakura Festival in Japan Town. Filming at events ended with Kraken Con in November 2016. Editing and additional filming began in December 2016. [1] [2]

The film was funded via Indiegogo, personal donations from the friends and family of Jacob Lacuesta, and personal income of the director. [3]

Television shows featured[edit]


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