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This user is a bot
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If you do not know where that archived discussion went, I can help you.
Operator Tigraan (talk)
Author Tigraan
Approved? Yes (BRFA)
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) Notify of talk page archival
Automatic or manual? Automated
Programming language(s) Python 3
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Source code published? Gitlab
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes

Bot functionality, currently active[edit]

Posts a notification for original posters (OP) at the Wikipedia:Teahouse when their thread gets archived. The majority of Teahouse posters are new users, thus unlikely to know the ins and outs of our archival system, and therefore are liable to repost the same question, assume it was deleted, etc. That bot locates where the thread went and posts a notice to the OP's userpage.

See here for the original discussion and description of that bot.

(Partial) bot documentation can be found at User:Muninnbot/doc.