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Murray Langton July 2010

Background information for Murray Langton

Originally from New Zealand, currently living in London, UK.

Has lots of experience on computer mainframes in systems programming and scientific applications. Previously studied mathematics and economics at university. Currently studying part-time in theoretical computer science. Familiar with a variety of assembly-level and high-level programming languages.

Received a cheque for $2.56 from Knuth for finding a 1-bit error in one of his published programs (cheque has been framed not cashed).

July 2010. Cycled leisurely from John O'Groats to Lands End (1040 miles in 20 days) end to end.

Cycles to work, even when it is snowing (6 miles each way). Avid reader, especially science fiction, fantasy, crime, action, naval. Leisure activities include: cycling, camping, National Trust, church/youth work, DIY. Three sons, all well over 6 feet.

Significant contributions

The Toll-Gate