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Night Shall End In Day[edit]

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N.S.E.I.D is a fantasy novel, forthcoming, being written by this user.

It is about a young girl, named Elisabeth Ingersoll (nicknamed Elsie), who lives in the times somewhat after the Revolutionary War. This particular girl is in a family of five, though her mother is presumed to be dead (as her father tells her). Her father is courting a woman, quite unpleasant. Then one night, Elsie wakes up suddenly, and spies a dragon out her window. The dragons name is Beauphonix, and he tells her that she is The Prophecied, and she must come quickly to Maharazhad. The peacekeeper of the land, a gold scepter inlaid with sapphires, was stolen in the previous century, by the king Matheus' nemesis Lothario. Now the effects of its absence are affecting the whole land. Only Elsie can bring the scepter back. The way to Lothario's domicile is harrowing, across the whole expanse of Maharazhad.

Elsie is overwhelmed by all this news, and asks for more time. So time goes by. And when at the fair, a few days later, Beauphonix comes for her. A memory erasing spell is used to keep people from spreading the frightful news of the dragons.

A maelstrom hides the portal to Maharazhad, in place of the Chimera bridge (which was destroyed when Lothario stole the scepter). There, in the magical land, Elsie learns of her mission, and meets many new friends, including Fiador, a previous prisoner of Lothario. The two become fast friends, and the hint of affection is born.

And then soon after their meeting, Fiador is proved to be a past ally with Lothario. This causes suspicion, and Fiador is imprisoned. Elsie departs for her quest the next morning.

It is said that faith is tested during trial... Will Elsie's faith pass, and prove strong enough to save the dying world of Maharazhad?


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