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User script
Author MusikAnimal
Updated March 28, 2018 (2018-03-28)
Browser support Any
Skin support Vector, MonoBook
Source User:MusikAnimal/responseHelper.js

responseHelper is a user script that makes it easier to respond to requests/reports at WP:AIV, WP:ANEW, WP:PERM, WP:RFPP, WP:UAA and WP:SPI. Links are added to your sidebar to quickly insert administrator notation templates and supply an informative edit summary.


Editing noticeboards[edit]

When editing pages on supported noticeboards, links will appear on your sidebar that correlate to each of the notation templates available. Click on the appropriate one, and the template is inserted and the edit summary supplied. You may be prompted for more information. You can hit OK to omit the additional info, or cancel to quit out entirely.

All templates will be inserted at the end of the edit window, except at WP:AIV and WP:UAA where it is inserted where the cursor is located.

For WP:ANEW, a summarizing message will also be put in the "(Result: )" portion of the heading.

When not editing[edit]

When you're not in an editing session, on every page there will be a series of links in your sidebar linking to each supported venue.

There is also a DASHBOARD link at the top that when clicked it goes to Special:MyPage/Dashboard, serving as your personal admin dashboard. If that page does not exist, the link goes to community-maintained Template:Admin dashboard. You can also redirect Special:MyPage/Dashboard to whatever dashboard you wish, and the DASHBOARD link in responserHelper will go there.


Add the following to your common.js:


Adding links to other venues[edit]

If you want to add links to other venues, such as WP:ANI, you can do so by adding the following code in your common.js:

mw.util.addPortletLink("p-navigation", "", "WP:ANI");

responseHelper intentionally only links to venues where the script offers actual functionality.

Bug/feature requests[edit]

If you run into a bug it was likely a typo I overlooked. Please let me know.