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Judging the Mind

To comprehend and work wonderfully with each other...


The Human Brain is made of four lobes on both sides. The primary part of each brain are the Frontal lobes as Cognition, Executive functioning and primary motor cortex. The Temporal lobes are primarily for memory. The Parietal lobes integrate sensory information. The Occipital lobes work and receive your vision.

Frontal lobe disorder Hippocampus Hypothalamus Basal ganglia Amblyopia Amygdala

Neurology Epilepsy Seizure Psychology Asperger syndrome Autism Anxiety Anxiety disorder Depression (mood) Neuropsychology Neuroticism

Cognition Cognitive complexity Cognitive flexibility Cognitive neuroscience Cognitive science

Complexity Comprehension Concept Configuration Communication Visual communication Executive functions

Social cognitive theory Social constructionism Social neuroscience Social skill Social theory Sociological Perspectives Sociology

Language Speech Speech recognition Codification (linguistics) Reading (process) Reading comprehension Body language

Mathematics Mathematical analysis

Memory Declarative memory Memory consolidation Long-term memory Short-term memory

Consciousness Cortical dysplasia Thought Wisdom Sensitivity and specificity Intellectual giftedness Mental process Patience

Analysis Analytic function Analytical skill Analytic–synthetic distinction Basic research

Behavior Behaviorism

Categorization Category Characterisation

Holy Spirit Jesus Christ

Mind Mind's eye

Association (psychology) Association of Ideas

Heart Cardiology Physical exercise

Love Compassion Friendship Faith Honesty Interpersonal relationship

Humanitarianism Emotion Empathy Sympathy

Idealism Ideology

Art The arts Drama Music Painting Poetry Rhythm

Perfectionism (psychology) Personality psychology Philosophical realism Philosophy Philosophy of mind Object (philosophy)

Precision Precision and recall

Set theory Theory Theory of mind

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