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at 03°07’45” to the east of the greenwich meridian (0° longitude), an imaginary north-south line has been defined // there, on the 'zilverberg' site, south of roeselare (be), has been set up the muze'um L, Light & Landscape // a 30 m long, white building no taller than a man lies on a green hillside // a longitudinal cleft in the roof allows a shaft of sunlight to enter // every day at the solar noon, when the sun is at its highest point, the sun is for a short time directly above this cleft and throws a perpendicular line of light on the ground and walls // from one hour before till one hour after noon fantastic geometrical patterns of sunlight swarm around the patio // in the landscape this line of longitude is visualized as a straight green line of vegetation // the creation of the muze'um L where the contemporary architecture operates as a monumental light generator transforming this local longitude to a light line by the sun has given rise to baptize this meridian the light meridian //

THE LM CONNECTS MOUNTS IN COLORS WHITE - GREY - SILVER : blankenberge (white mount) - zilverberg (silvermount) - montgri (grey mount) the longitude E 03°07’45” starts from arctica to cross seas and oceans, europe (belgium, france, spain), north africa and antarctica // this meridian enters in europe on the belgian coast blankenberge (be) (N 51°19'00") and runs to the "zilverberg"(be) (N 50°55'12") with its muze'um L and the montgri (es) (N 42°03'18") with the 'fundació vila casas' and its palau solterra museum, torroella de montgrí, contemporary catalan art and contemporary photography.(fotos in greec=light) //

THE LM CONNECTS LIGHT AND 360° VIEW TOWERS : blankenberge (be) - le crest (fr) - empuriabrava (es) - palamos (es) this meridian crosses just on the modern tower with light of the casino of blankenberge (be) N 51°19'00"), the 'tour de l'horloge' at le crest (fr) (N 45°41'09") with its 360° view, the 'nautique lookout tower' at empuriabrava (es) (N42°14'56") and leaves continental europe to cross the mediterranean sea at the “el faro” lighthouse in palamós (es) (N 41°50'30") // at the solar noon, with your back to ‘el faro’, you can see how the rays of the sun are reflected in a wide band of light from north to south and out to the horizon, along the meridian //

THE LM CONNECTS LANDSCAPES TO WATCH FROM THE AIR: aire de repos gravon (fr) - la méridienne (fr) - 1789 arbres de la liberté à millau (fr) - étang de montady (fr) the fictional LM crosses through the aire de repos de gravon (fr) (N 48°22'17") // the LM crosses through the autoroute with the nicests views of france: A75 la méridienne // the LM crosses next to millau (fr) through the 1789 austrian pines drawing, seen from above, the date 1989, the bicentenary of the revolution (N // at montady (fr) (N 43°19'11") the LM crosses through an ancient vineyard landscape that looks like a sun with rays of light //

THE LM GROWS PROGRESSIVELY INTO AN ART IN SITU MERIDIAN all people are invited to help making possible to let grow this line by new artistic landmarks on sites, offered by landowners or municipalities // the landmarks along this light meridian at any latitude will produce 'in situ' art all with the same identities of time and light but with specific local details of their latitude // a map with the exact GPS positions will allow to visit them easily across the three countries: belgium, france and spain //