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Hello. My name is Matt or mww113 as I am known here. Please excuse my rather barren user page. I've recently decided to pull a Brett Favre and return from retirement. It seems I haven't managed to escape quite yet ;).

Since I'm a full-time student, most of my contributions will be smaller tweaks to articles, reverting vandalism, and participating in other maintenance-related tasks. The demands of my course load make it difficult to find time to thoroughly research and create content. I am however interested in learning how to translate articles. I have a decent working knowledge of Spanish and am a native English speaker. If you know a lot about translation or are willing to teach me some things, please approach me.

I'm also planning to resume my efforts with the account creation team. I'm identified to the Wikimedia Foundation and am happy to help legitimate users gain access to the project. This is best accomplished here or by sending an email to