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Random picture of the day (12 September 2007)
Saint Peter's Square
A stitched mosaic of Saint Peter's Square, in Vatican City, the papal enclave within Rome, Italy, as seen from the top of St. Peter's Basilica. The area was redesigned by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, from 1656 to 1667, and was extended by the Via della Conciliazione (seen leading out of the plaza here), Mussolini's grand avenue of approach.Photo credit: Diliff

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Display a randomly selected picture of the day on your userpage by placing {{User:My Chemistry romantic/Templates/Random POTD}} on it.

The template accepts the following parameters, all of which are optional:

|width= Adjust the width of the template. Defaults to 90%.
|bgcolour= Change the background colour of the template. Defaults to transparent.
|borderwidth Adjust the width of the border surrounding the template. Defaults to medium. If you do not want a border, set the value of this parameter to 0px.
|bordercolour= Adjust the border colour. Defaults to #ADD8E6, but can be any web colour.
|roundcorners= Set this parameter's value to true to enable it to display round corners or false to disable this functionality.
|border-radius= Determines the radius of the curve of the round corners. Defaults to 15px. This parameter will work only if round corners is enabled.