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MYINchile 06:41, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

¡Mí corazón está en Chile![edit]


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I live in South San Franicsco, California in San Mateo.
Vivo en San Francisco Sur, California, en el condado de San Mateo.


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wet wipe marker[edit]

Wet wipe markers also known as Chalk Ink are a writing implement used primarily on tablets at restaurants. The pens are also used on mirrors, chalkboards, plastics, ceramics, and glass windows. They come in an assortment of colors as varied as other markers. They employ a quick drying liquid paste. The ink may be washed away but does not cloud the surface like chalk nor stain the surface like dry erase markers. {{stub}}


Breuner Airfield[edit]

Breuner Airfield or Breuner Field is a 5 acre (2 ha) private[1] radio controlled aircraft airfield or "flying field" and club that was built in the 1970s[2][3] on the Breuner Marsh site in the Parhcester Village neighborhood of Richmond, California.


It is located on reclaimed wetlands of what was formerly Breuner Marsh, a wetlands area. The airport is located at Goodrick Avenue and is accessible from Richmond Parkway. The site is adjacent to the shoreline of San Pablo Bay and has a sports club, some cottages, and a fishing pier.


The land has been owned by Fred Parr, then the owner of the former Breuner's furniture chain, and currently Bay Area Wetlands LLC. Breauner originally wanted a general aviation airport at this location but community and political opposition prohibited it and the model plane airfield was the largest he could build. The site has in recent times been up for debate with regards to use including proposed upscale housing by developers, an office park by the city council, and an expansion of Point Pinole Regional Shoreline as restored wetlands by Gayle McLaughlin and the East Bay Regional Parks District. It is run by the Bay Area Radio Control Society.[2]

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