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I have taken over 210,000 digital photos since 2003, of lots of different items: buildings, vehicles, business, products, etc.

I'm currently in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I moved from Atlantic Canada.

I believe in Public domain, so a lot of the photos are uploaded as that. A few have the "give me some credit" license. But you can still do almost anything you want with my images. I took them for people to see, so feel free to use them for anything, and if you put a credit its appreciated, if you overlook it, its no big deal.

Fenced in Beer Garden at Music Festival, Canada

Im just going through my collection and uploading whatever I can, I guess Wikipedia needs people like me. I give nice photos that are not extensively copyrighted. And a picture says 1000 words. So it makes this site better. I upload the highest quality image I have, that way when in 20 years when we have REAL high speed Internet, at 1gig a second, not the slow Internet they sell us today as high speed, then my images will really be helpful, they are large, so they wont need to be replaced.

I use images to express myself. I thank any Wikipedia contributors that add my images to extra pages or different languages.

West Edmonton Mall, London Drugs

If I put a photo on a page, if there is enough room, don't remove it, rearrange it please, but what's the point in removing a photo that is public domain? Most people have high speed internet, the more photos is better on a Wiki.

I use Wikipedia to find information, and I make corrections or remove vandalism whenever I can help.

LUBE-X (needs a writeup)